The gap between per capita incomes in the richest and poorest counties has never been as large as it is today. What explains the historical origins of this divergence, and why does it seem to be so persistent? The CEPR-NYUAD workshop on "Drivers of Economic Divergence: Institutions, Geography, and Technology" examines the long-run determinants of incomes in developing world regions, especially in Asia or Africa. In doing so, the workshop features presentations in political economy, economic history, and development economics.

Bob Allen, NYUAD
Jens Andersson, Lund University
Martin Andersson, Lund University
Stephen N Broadberry, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
David Chilosi, London School of Economics
Yannick Dupraz, University of Warwick
Markus Eberhardt, Nottingham University
Giovanni Federico, Università di Pisa
Gunes Gokmen, New Economic School, Moscow
Bishnupriya Gupta, University of Warwick
Morten Jerven, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Duol Kim, Myongji University
Montserrat Lopez Jerez, Lund University
Mikolaj Malinowski, Universiteit Utrecht and Lund University
Omer Moav, University of Warwick
Suresh Naidu, Columbia University
Christopher Paik, NYUAD
Nuno Pedro Palma, University of Groningen
Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Eric Schneider, London School of Economics
Paul Sharp, University of South Denmark
Sng Tuan-Hwee, National University of Singapore
Felipe Valencia Caicedo, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Pierre Van der Eng, Australian National University (ANU)
Mattia Fochesatto, NYUAD
Marvin Suesse, NYUAD

Organized by
  • Robert C. Allen, Scientific Committee, NYU Abu Dhabi
  • Stephen Broadberry, Scientific Committee, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
  • Mattia Fochesato, Scientific Committee, NYU Abu Dhabi
  • Marvin Suesse, Scientific Committee, NYU Abu Dhabi

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