Hundreds of millions of people around the globe use social media every day as means of communication, information acquisition, opinion formation, and more. Given its ubiquity, this novel medium of interaction has drawn the interest of scholars in the social sciences and beyond. To that end, the SMaPP global group consists of scholars from the social sciences, statistics, data science, engineering, natural sciences, and industry who have come together to tackle and discuss novel ways of harnessing the wealth of data on social media usage and interaction for the study of behavior. In this conference, members of the SMaPP global group will present research and tools related to the extraction and analysis of social media data.


  • Pablo Barberá, USC 
  • Nick Beauchamp, NEU 
  • Richard Bonneau, NYU New York
  • Dean Eckles, MIT
  • Ruben Enikolopov, Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance, ICREA
  • Sandra González-Bailón, University of Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Gosling, University of Texas, at Austin
  • Philip Habel, University of Glasgow
  • Curtis Hardin, CUNY Brooklyn
  • Stefano Iacus, University of Milan
  • John Jost, NYU New York
  • Jonathan Nagler, NYU New York
  • Jennifer Pan, Stanford University
  • Jamie Pennebaker, University of Texas, at Austin
  • Maria Petrova, Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance, ICREA
  • Adam Ramey, NYU Abu Dhabi
  • Molly Roberts, UC San Diego
  • David Rothschild, Microsoft Research
  • Joanna Sterling, NYU New York
  • Alexandra Siegel, NYU New York
  • Yannis Theocharis, University of Mannheim 
  • Josh Tucker, NYU New York
  • Cristian Vaccari, Royal Halloway, University of London
  • Eytan Bakshy
  • Juliana Friere, NYU New York
Convened by
  • Adam Ramey, Assistant Professor of Political Science, NYU Abu Dhabi

In Collaboration with

NYU New York

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