The Archaeology of the Sasanian and Early Islamic Periods in Eastern Arabia


WHEN November 20, 2016
6:30-8 PM WHERE NYUAD Campus, Conference Center WHO NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Open to the Public

This lecture reviews the archaeological evidence for the Sasanian to early Islamic periods (c 3rd/4th to 9th centuries) in the region, focusing on some of the more recent evidence that has come to light (for example from Kadhima in Kuwait and Fulayj in Oman). This evidence is contextualized within a broader framework of interpretation that incorporates the evidence from sites such as Kush and Jumeirah (UAE), Murwab (Qatar), and al-Qusur (Kuwait). In order to discuss where research should be focused in the future, current research and what has been learned over the past 15 years must be considered. 

Hosted by
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

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