The Neolithic & Bronze Age as Cultural Roots of UAE Identity


WHEN May 15, 2016
6:30-8 PM WHERE NYUAD Campus, Conference Center WHO NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Open to the Public

This talk takes us back thousands of years through some of the oldest archaeological sites in the UAE, beginning with Neolithic sites dating to the Mid-6th millennium BCE. New technology, such as agriculture, pottery, and copper metallurgy, began to appear at the beginning of the Bronze Age (Hafit Period from 3200-2600 BCE). During this period, trade exchanges of goods between Baluchistan and Mesopotamia began to grow, but the apogee of the Umm an-Nar culture’s new trading partnership was with the Indus Civilization (2500-2200 BCE). Towards the end of the 3rd millennium, global aridity led the Bronze Age communities to reorganize themselves into the Wadi Suq culture.

Image © Erlend Bjørtvedt

In Collaboration with

Zayed University

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