Hox Genes Regulation: Understanding the Molecular Homunculus


WHEN February 27, 2013
6-7:30 PM EST WHERE 19 Washington Square North Part of "Luminaries of Science" WHO NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in New York Open to the Public

Hox genes are essential for the organization and patterning of the animal body plan. In bilateria, Hox genes are found in genomic clusters and the topological order of the genes, along the clusters, reflect their time and place of transcriptional activation in various axial structures. In this view, they somehow remind us of the 18th-century preformation theory, with our DNA carrying a level of information above that of the mere random distribution of coding units. What are the molecular bases of this intriguing phenomenon? How can you translate a series of neighboring genes into an harmonious series of morphologies? This lecture will discuss recent molecular and genetic data obtained in mice, which start to shed light on these processes.

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