Melding traditions from the South Asian sub-continent, through Central Asia, and all the way to Turkey and the Balkans, Zeb and Haniya weave an aural tapestry that speaks of joint histories, collective cultural memories, and the oneness of human experience. This concert brings together a diverse group of musicians in order to explore musical styles and languages, and to create an innovative sound from these intersections, which is both familiar and unique.


Zeb Bangash Vocals

Haniya Aslam Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Zain Ali Bass Guitar

Patrick Farrell Accordion

Zeeshan Mansoor Lead Guitar

Kamran Paul Drums and Percussion

Michael Winograd Clarinet

  • Zain Ali, Bass Guitar
  • Zeb Bangash, Vocals
  • Haniya Aslam, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
  • Michael Winograd, Clarinet
  • Zeeshan Mansoor, Lead Guitar
  • Patrick Farrell, Accordion
  • Kamran Paul, Percussion

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