Engineering for Humanity

From understanding the inner workings of human biology to seeking answers from the animal kingdom to solve modern challenges, engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi approaches knowledge creation from a holistic perspective.

Research from faculty and students span an array of topics all aimed at making an impact on the way we live and how the world copes with some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.

Engineering Research

Humanizing the Future

Marwa Chafii is a future builder trying to make an increasingly digitized world more human.

Rethinking the Way we Build

Kemal Celik has developed a method to make cement that requires significantly lower resources and energy than the conventional cement production process.

Engineers for Social Impact at NYU Abu Dhabi

Alumni Features

NYUAD graduates engage deeply with difference, take up intellectual, creative, and research pursuits, and prepare to live a life of purpose and leadership. Many of our students have pursued careers as engineers, scholars, philanthropists, or in the field as administrators. Their work has taken them all around the world as they pursue their talents in the arts field.


Zayed Sustainability Prize Winner

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2019 alumnus Chandan Mishra’s organic waste project at Bloom Nepal School won the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

After graduating from NYU Abu Dhabi, Daria Zahaleanu moved to Denmark to pursue her master’s in computer science and engineering and to co-found a fish feed startup.

 Faculty in Engineering

Our engineering faculty conduct research in a range of topics related to answering humanity's greatest concerns and teach classes aimed at empowering students to pursue careers in the field. These classes and their research contribute to a global effort to gain a better understanding of how engineering can make lives better. 

Tuka Waddah Alhanai

Tuka Alhanai is an engineer, scientist, and researcher working at the interface of human and computational machinery.

Anthony Tzes

The Program Head of Electrical Engineering research interests include Autonomous Mobile Systems, Surgical Robotics, Networked Systems, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Monica Menendez

Director of the Research Center for Interacting Urban Networks research interests include monitoring, modeling, and control of multimodal transportation systems, considering new technologies and data sources.

Research Institute Centers

From smart materials and to water management to urban transformation, the Research Institute centers make significant contributions to scholarship, scientific understanding, and policy-making. Centers strengthen engagement and innovation among the faculty, build critical mass in infrastructure and research talent at NYUAD.

Center for Smart Engineering Materials

The NYUAD Center for Smart Engineering Materials is an institutional research platform for the research and development of smart materials and technologies that are relevant to the key sectors of the UAE's economy.

Water Research Center

The center serves as an interdisciplinary innovation hub for water research where scientific knowledge is transformed into practical solutions.