Student Interest Groups

Connect with peers who share your curiosity, interest, and drive. Student Interest Groups (SIGs) help develop friendships, challenge you to grow and express yourself, and offer opportunities to lead and follow across a wide spectrum of activities. SIG leaders are provided training to support their personal and professional development, including a series of workshops on equity and inclusive event planning, and mandatory training on microaggressions and applying inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity (IDBE) concepts to work being done with the SIG. One third of our SIGs represent identity groups, serving a dual purpose of offering "affinity" and "solidarity" space for students.

New groups are founded each year, and we look forward to seeing what you bring to the table.

SIG Categories

  • academic and professional pursuits
  • art, media, and literature
  • cooking and food
  • cultural and religious traditions
  • music and performance
  • outreach and engagement
  • sports and athletics
  • technology and entrepreneurship

Featured SIGs

Shaping His Future

YunKai Lee volunteered as mentors in an investment training program under the Business and Finance Society student interest group to teach underclassmen how to value stocks, read financial accounts, and prepare for job interviews. 

Earth Day in 2021

Aya Adib, is a member of the Ecoherence SIG which helps transform the community into agents of sustainability by promoting eco-friendly lifestyles in hopes of raising awareness on our ability as individuals to push for change.

Figuring It Out

There’s always possibilities to create a niche student interest group of your passion at NYU Abu Dhabi.

We Have a World Class Archer

"Archery is like my anchor; it's sort of what keeps me going." Mehak Sangani from NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2021 is a member of Sri Lanka's national archery team.

The Book of Love

A student led initiative that celebrates the unity of humanity and the love for the environmental diversity of our planet.

Student Government

NYU Abu Dhabi’s Student Government serves as the voice of undergraduate students in the NYUAD community, upholding the rights of all students and promoting the general welfare of the student body. It works closely with the administration in formulating and implementing policies, supports student interest groups, and facilitates communication and cooperation within NYU’s global network.

Regular general assemblies take place for students to discuss and vote on school issues. This provides students with a public forum to raise issues, propose new projects, and provide feedback to their student representatives.

Student Government Structure

Debate Union

The NYUAD Debate Union organizes debate events on campus and competes in national and international tournaments. No prior experience is required to join.

Debate News

NYUAD's Fourth Annual High School Debate Tournament
2019 | NYUAD Public Affairs


Spring 2019 - Akash Jaini and Omair Rehman won the Debate Union's first international championship (novice category) at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Olivia Bray won their first domestic championship at a competition in Sharjah. Congrats!

Debate Union hosts third regional tournament
2017 | The Gazelle

Gulf region students debate global issues
2016 | NYUAD Public Affairs

Abu Dhabi students win NYU Global Debate Challenge
2015 | NYUAD Public Affairs