Connecting Academic Pursuits with Personal Passions

Classroom learning is only a small part of your college experience. Build your leadership skills, work as a team, and engage the community through a variety of activities, student-led organizations, and conferences.

Our activities and programs aim to:

  • empower you to shape the campus culture and community, taking on responsibility and develop critical leadership skills
  • enhance your student experience on and off campus through community building, establishing traditions, and recreational outlets

Participate in Student Conferences

Sometimes you have a big idea that you believe will inspire people to help change the world or make a significant impact on our local community. The opportunities call together diverse communities of people, create leadership development opportunities for students, and contribute to the scholarship of a particular field.

There's Lots to See in the UAE

You’re sure to spend long hours in your classes, studying in the library, and completing internships across your four years. Regardless of how busy you might be, it’s essential that you take time to relax and enjoy time with friends. There's lots to do in Abu Dhabi and the UAE and we can help you make the most of it.

Need some inspiration?

  • Kayak the Mangroves and discover Abu Dhabi's famous ecosystem and its wildlife.
  • Abu Dhabi is a foodie's dream! There are many international restaurants to try in the city.
  • Play in our annual paintball challenge and capture the flag games.
  • Hit the road! Visit Middle East Comic-Con, explore the UAE's many heritage festivals, or attend traditional camel races and falconry demonstrations.

Meet Friends in the Campus Baraha

In the local Emirati dialect, baraha means "open space.” NYUAD's Baraha area is a central gathering place featuring comfy couches, TV, video game consoles, ping pong tables, pool tables, a pinball machine, and an air hockey table.

Student enjoying a game of pool in the Baraha area.