Nutrition Information

We understand the importance of knowing what’s in your food to help you make healthier choices, and manage dietary needs effectively. Most food items have labels that clearly identify key nutritional details and ingredients. Students may also reach out to the campus dietician for further consultation.

Special Dietary Needs

Dining options on campus are designed to meet various dietary considerations. Food recipes are all halal, and we have a dedicated menu and counter designed especially for vegans and vegetarians.

Food containing nuts, shellfish, eggs, gluten, dairy and other major allergies and intolerances, are clearly identified with their individual icon.

As a community member, if you have specific dietary needs, you can personally get in touch with our Executive Chef or even contact our Chef-in-Charge on that day, whose photo is clearly shown in the main dining hall. Students may also reach out to our campus dietician for additional consultation and advice.

Questions about food labels or special dietary needs?

We are continuously improving our ingredients, recipes, food quality, and variety to meet the community’s needs. We work closely with a student dining advisory committee to constantly improve and enhance our dining offerings, and offer a variety of communication channels for the feedback that we receive.

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