The NYU Abu Dhabi Athletics Department strives to promote an environment that fosters academic success through physical activity and sport, leadership in a spirit of sportsmanship, and relationships by fostering engagement.

Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education (PHE) at NYU Abu Dhabi is committed and focused on the development of the whole student: physical, mental, social and intellectual. The program enables undergraduate students to develop an understanding of the correlations between physical activity, academic studies and overall wellbeing and exposes students to new activities and learning that aims to provide confidence and inspiration to maintain a healthy, physically active life whilst a student and beyond.


The Department of Athletics offers a wide variety of PHE classes covering a range of health, fitness, and sporting topics relevant to all students regardless of their ability and experiences. Undergraduate students are required to complete two unique seven-week courses before graduation, with each successfully completed course appearing on the official student transcripts. One PHE credit can also be earned through successful participation in a University Sports Team, participating in a minimum 80 percent of training sessions and competitive fixtures across a single semester. Students are encouraged to complete at least one PHE credit prior to studying away.