Apply for Financial Aid

All students who are applying for admission and who would like to be considered for need-based financial aid at NYU Abu Dhabi must submit the CSS Profile(s) by the appropriate deadline as listed below. The CSS Profile is an online application administered through the CollegeBoard which is used by all NYU undergraduate campuses to review students for institutional aid. NYU Abu Dhabi accepts applications for financial aid from all students, regardless of citizenship.

The CSS Profile application is available annually on October 1 for the upcoming academic year.

If you are applying to multiple NYU campuses, be sure to review the financial aid policies and critical application deadlines for New York and Shanghai.


When to Apply for Financial Aid

The CSS Profile is due by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the date listed

Application Type Deadline
Early Decision I
(What is Early Decision?)
November 15
Early Decision II January 15
Regular Decision February 20

NYU CSS Profile School Code: 2785, this is the school code used when applying to any NYU undergraduate campus (New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai)


How to Apply

Each CSS Profile application is personalized based on the information the student provides when registering for the service.

Instructions for Getting Started

  1. Read the Getting Started section for instructions on how to sign in, the cost of the application, tutorials, and other helpful resources from the CollegeBoard. If you need additional assistance you may email, chat, or call the CollegeBoard Customer Support Center for further assistance.
  2. Noncustodial Parent: Applicants with divorced, separated, or unmarried parents will need to have both parents submit their own separate CSS Profile applications. If the noncustodial parent has questions on how to submit their application, please review the presentation on the CollegeBoard website or contact the CollegeBoard Customer Support Center for additional information. 
    The deadline for the noncustodial parent is as follows (by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the date listed):

    Early Decision I: November 20
    Early Decision II: January 20
    Regular Decision: February 20

    Under certain circumstances, NYU will consider waiving the CSS Profile for the noncustodial parent if the information cannot be obtained. In such cases, applicants may submit a CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent form with supporting documentation. The waiver form and all supporting documentation are required by the same deadlines listed above.
    Please note this requirement applies to all new NYU Abu Dhabi applicants who are applying for need-based financial aid. Failure to submit an application or waiver request directly to NYU will make you ineligible for need-based aid consideration.
  3. CSS Profile Fee: Students who feel that the CSS Profile application fee would be a financial hardship may request a CSS Profile fee payment code using the CSS Profile Waiver Request Form. Please request a fee payment code prior to submitting the CSS Profile as no reimbursements can be granted if an applicant pays the fee before receiving a fee payment code.
  4. Important: Do not hit the submit button until the application is complete. If changes need to be made after you submit the application, students must email the Office of Financial Support a copy of the application acknowledgment pages and mark the questions that need to be updated. Additional documentation may be requested for application corrections.
  5. Additional Documentation: Students will receive notification from the NYU Abu Dhabi Office of Financial Support if additional documentation is required. If documentation is requested, the information must be submitted right away. NYU uses CollegeBoard's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) to access supporting documentation from students. You should be ready to submit information to the Office of Financial Support in English or with an English translation and figures converted into US Dollars. 

    Please do not submit supporting documents unless they are requested.

Application Tips

Remember your login
Keep a record of your username and password, in case you need to access your Profile application. The Office of Financial Support does not have any record of a student’s username or password and cannot provide any assistance in retrieving that information.

Helpful Resources, Profile Term Definitions
If you need help with some commonly used terms you can use this form as a reference.

Keep records
Keep a copy of your completed Profile application for your own records. Access to a prior year’s Profile application on CollegeBoard will not always be available to you and the Office of Financial Support cannot provide you with a copy of the application once it has been sent to the University. Keep a file of all documents you use to complete the CSS Profile application as you may be asked for copies for verification purposes at a later date.

Check before you submit
Important: Please do not hit the submit button until the application is complete. If you need to make changes to the CSS Profile after you have submitted the application, you must notify the Office of Financial Support in writing to allow the University to make corrections on your behalf. You will need to email us a copy of the application acknowledgment pages and mark the questions that need to be updated. Additional documentation may be requested for application corrections.