Aid for Study Away, J-Term, and Summer

Study Away

The NYU tuition, NYUAD Student health insurance, and AD Health Insurance VAT charges will be the same as if you were studying in Abu Dhabi when you enroll at an NYU global site for your study away semester.

Your NYUAD grant (if applicable) for the semester away will apply towards your university charges the same way as if you were studying in Abu Dhabi. Students are responsible for any costs not covered by their financial aid.

It is important to note that some of the costs while studying away may be more than when you are studying in Abu Dhabi. Such differences may be in your NYU housing/food and/or travel costs. For planning purposes we recommend that you review the estimated Study Away Costs for each NYU global site from the NYU Office of Global Programs.

We also advise students to contact the NYUAD Office of Global Education at for questions regarding the study away process.

Required J-Term (January/June) Sessions

These are classes that NYU Abu Dhabi students must enroll in to meet their degree requirements. These NYU Abu Dhabi classes might be taught abroad at the various NYU sites. Only NYU Abu Dhabi students are eligible to enroll in these classes. NYUAD tuition, program fee, and on-campus housing and food* (meal) charges will be covered by NYU Abu Dhabi for your required J-Term session(s) as determined by your degree requirements.

Summer Study in Abu Dhabi

These are classes offered by NYU Abu Dhabi during the summer session that must be on campus in Abu Dhabi. NYUAD tuition and on-campus housing and food* (meal) charges will be covered for one Abu Dhabi-based summer class. Additional summer terms may be supported based on demonstrated academic need as determined by Academic Affairs.

* In accordance with the Federal Decree Law No (8) of 2017, a Value Added Tax (VAT) will be applied to the food (meals) charge at the rate of 5%. Students who receive partial financial aid during the fall and spring semesters will be responsible to cover the VAT meal charges during any given semester, including J-Term and summer.

Summer Study Away

These are classes during the summer session that are abroad and are offered by other NYU schools. NYU Abu Dhabi does not offer grant aid for summer classes abroad that are offered by other NYU schools. For tuition charges/billing inquiries please contact Student Finance at