Candidate Weekend

Candidate Weekend has been a vital part of the NYU Abu Dhabi admissions process for more than a decade. It is a unique and important chance to get a glimpse into what to live and learn in our global community in the cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi.


All About Candidate Weekend

Participation in a Candidate Weekend is by invitation only, and all students who are invited are required to attend to remain eligible for admission. As a virtual event, Candidate Weekend consists of a series of live and pre-recorded content, offering you the chance to get to know various components of the NYU Abu Dhabi experience — student life, academics, campus leadership — and have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and current students.

The Candidate Weekend dates for the 2022-2023 application cycle are:

●      Early Decision I –  December 10, 2022

●      Early Decision II – February 4, 2023

●      Regular Decision – March 11, 2023

Applicants who are invited to participate in Candidate Weekend will receive a detailed schedule of events with their invitations. Candidates should expect to attend all the live sessions over the duration of the event, and will be able to view a number of recorded content on an on-demand basis. To participate in Candidate Weekend, you will need internet access through a computer or smartphone.