Entry Requirements

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To gain admission into NYU Abu Dhabi, you need to meet the university’s entry requirements. Grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities are all carefully considered and evaluated in our comprehensive review.


Entry Requirements:

Standardized Tests

Please note: Due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, students applying in the 2022-2023 application cycle are NOT required to submit standardized testing

Results from standardized testing exams are an important criteria for evaluating our global pool of applicants. With that said, NYU has one of the most flexible testing policies of any college or university. Review our testing policy for all campuses of NYU.

Students who elect to submit testing as part of their application to NYU Abu Dhabi, should submit only one of the following:

Exam scores should be submitted as follows:

  • SAT, SAT Subjects, AP, or TOEFL scores submitted through the testing agency using NYU's school code: 2562
  • ACT scores submitted through the testing agency using NYU's school code: 2838
  • Predicted or final IB, A-level, or national exam results submitted by a school official through the Common Application or sent to admissions.docs@nyu.edu from a school email address (with final results submitted by the examining board when possible)

English Language Testing

Results from English language testing are required for students whose native language is not English (unless they have been studying in a curriculum where English is the sole language of instruction for three years prior to applying). If you are required to submit an English Language test for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi and find that the cost of the test would be a financial burden, please email nyuad.admissions@nyu.edu. We may be able to assist with the cost of a test for students who have already submitted an application.

Please review NYU's English Language Testing Requirements for Non-Native English Speakers before applying to ensure that you have completed the required testing by the application deadline.

Required School Forms

Please note: The school officials you identify do not need to wait for you to submit your application before they submit supporting materials, but universities will not be able to access their forms until you have submitted your application.

Required Forms Important Notes
Common Application School Report Your counselor or school representative will need to submit the Common Application Mid-Year Report with an updated transcript by March 1. This should show your first semester/term grades from your final year. Be sure to have the school representative's contact information available when you complete the Common Application.
Counselor Recommendation Your counselor will also need to submit a recommendation letter on your behalf. If you do not have a school counselor, this can be completed by a principal, vice principal, or another teacher.
Teacher Evaluation One teacher or instructor evaluation is required. You should have their contact information available when you complete the Common Application.

Application Essays

You are required to submit two written essays with your application: a Personal Statement that will be seen by all schools you apply to through the Common Application, and an NYU-specific essay showcasing your interest in this university. These essays are an important part of our evaluation as they help us get to know you and understand your fit within the university.


Optional Arts Portfolio

Students who wish to highlight their talent in the fine or performing arts — visual art, music, theater, film, and new media — may submit an Arts Portfolio. This is a way for students intending to participate in the NYU Abu Dhabi arts community to highlight their artistic and creative talents for the admission process.


Entry Age Requirements

NYU Abu Dhabi recommends that applicants will turn 17 by August 15th at the start of their first year on campus. Applicants who will not meet this criteria are encouraged to resubmit their application for the following class.