NYUAD photo by Silvia Razgova

Because our applicants come from a broad range of high schools and educational systems from every region of the world, it is difficult to recommend one particular course of study that would maximize your chances of admission. However, most successful applicants will have included the following areas of study in their high school programs:

  • English — four years of English with heavy emphasis on writing
  • Math — three to four years
  • History/Social Studies — three to four years
  • Science — three to four years
  • Foreign Language — two to three years

More than any particular courses, the Admissions Committee will look to see that you have pursued the most rigorous academic program available to you in your intended course of study. If they are available to you, honors, accelerated, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are a great asset to your transcript.