Pre-Professional Courses

Pre-professional electives provide academically rigorous introductions to various careers. NYUAD’s pre-professional courses tap into local institutions, organizations and businesses. They provide students with community engagement and experiential learning opportunities.

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Course List

As most health care professional schools have specific undergraduate preparatory course requirements for admissions, students interested in pursuing a health care graduate degree should include all of the specified pre-professional courses as part of their undergraduate coursework.

Students interested in other professional areas should feel welcome to pursue as many or few of these pre-professional courses as are useful to them — consistent with maintaining the academic breadth that is a hallmark of an NYUAD undergraduate degree.

Many pre-professional courses are cross-listed with NYUAD majors and minors. Some are not. However, as most professions do not require that students follow a particular undergraduate major, students are encouraged to explore pre-professional courses regardless of any cross listing.