The Spanish language courses will allow you to discover new cultures while becoming a proficient Spanish speaker. You will be able to carry out a conversation on a range of topics, with the possibility of spending a semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Our Spanish courses are lively, rigorous, and conducted predominantly in Spanish. No matter what your interest in Spanish is, you will get to explore over twenty countries and learn about the traditions and ways of life of close to 600 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Photo: Chichen Itza (Mexico), Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Havana

Spanish courses are designed around communicative tasks and foster the rapid development of linguistic and pragmatic competence. This means that you will work individually and in small groups to master vocabulary, grammar, and how to function in a Spanish-speaking context. We will use different media types and various ways to engage with the materials (e.g., videos, roleplays, interactive exercises, etc.). Courses are always fun and allow students to become immersed in the language from the first class.

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