French is a language widely spoken all over the world by over 270 million people, and is one of the six working languages at the UN. Since Fall 2016, the French Program has been offering four levels of classes, Elementary (1 & 2) and Intermediate (1 & 2). Whether students are at a beginner level or have taken French classes in the past and/or wish to further their knowledge of the language and its Francophone cultures, there is something for everyone.  

Seine in Paris with Eiffel tower in morning time.

In these courses, students will deepen their knowledge of the French language (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) and its cultures. The methodology used is pragmatic and hands-on. It emphasizes communication with a global francophone mindset using videos, skits, recitation, improvisation to name only a few, that will give students ample opportunities to function in the language.

Course List