Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Fine Arts in Art & Media at NYU Abu Dhabi students will have achieved the following program learning outcomes:

Artistic Inquiry, Production, and Experimentation

Students make artworks that demonstrate a facility with artistic inquiry. Their artworks are brought to a high polish and are suitable for exhibition. Materials and modes of display are treated with expertise and fluency, and this is evidenced in final exhibitions as well as open studio events throughout their two-year program. Students demonstrate critical awareness of knowledge issues in the fine arts encompassing appropriate processes of inquiry and knowledge production. Students develop new knowledge and procedures that integrate knowledge from different fields using highly developed cognitive and creative skills and demonstrate intellectual independence.

Art Discourse and Research

Students learn and use art historical and practice-based terminology to discuss their own work, the work of others, and to interpret and explain artworks. They can relate what they analyze to the wider discourse of visual arts in contemporary culture, regionally and globally. Students demonstrate capability in information gathering, documentation, investigation, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of sources about artworks and practices. This is evidenced in written artist statements, informal talks about their works, and in their written reviews of other artworks. Students can analyse and reflect on sociocultural norms and relationships and act to build and transform them.

Professional Development and Leadership

Students understand career models and issues in professional ethics and critique their unique position, regionally, in contributing to the development of arts programming and communities. They can initiate and manage professional activities that may include their complex global environment. Students can develop and implement further learning through participation in regional arts and cultural organizations, and seek to create opportunities for the growing regional art community. Students are adept at initiating or originating and uniting others around a shared goal or practice, and incorporating perspectives of others as well as their own in an initiative. Students can take responsibility for leading the strategic development of artist-as-curator events, formal and informal studio visits across Abu Dhabi and within the NYUAD community, as well as writing reviews and participating in the discourse of art regionally.

Visual Communication and Literacy

Students are accomplished at representing their ideas visually and symbolically. Students demonstrate highly developed specialist skills in analyzing, interpreting, and explaining images. Students can relate what they analyze to the wider discourse of visual arts in contemporary culture, regionally and globally. Students exhibit highly developed specialist communication in manners of engaged, rigorous, and careful evaluation, interpretation, and explication of processes and works in the arts.