Learning Outcomes

Prepare for Exhibitions

Students make artworks that demonstrate a facility with artistic inquiry across several mediums or in a single medium, as well as demonstrate a well-developed studio practice. Their art works are brought to a high polish and are suitable for exhibition. Materials and modes of display are treated with expertise and fluency, and this is evidenced in final exhibitions as well as open studio events throughout the two-year program.

Students consider the act of making art as one of interaction with both materials and traditions, and develop a disposition toward artwork that incorporates planning as well as improvisation or responding to materials themselves in unexpected ways. Students will learn to take risks and innovate.

Participate in Art Discourse and Research

Students learn and use art historical and practice-based terminology to discuss their own work, the work of others, and to interpret, explain, and critique artworks. They can relate what they analyze to the wider discourse of visual arts in contemporary culture — regionally and globally. Students demonstrate capability in information gathering, documentation, investigation, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of sources about artworks and practices. This is evidenced in written artist statements, presentations, informal talks about their works, and in their written reviews of other artworks.

Self-Development and Career Preparation

Students understand career models and professional ethics, and understand their unique position, regionally, in contributing to the development of arts programming and communities. As students, they are involved in regional cultural organizations and seek to create opportunities for growing art communities. Students are adept at initiating programs, conversations, and events that unite others around a shared goal or practice, and they incorporate perspectives of others as well as their own in an initiative. This is evidenced in artist-as-curator events, formal and informal studio visits across Abu Dhabi and within the NYUAD community, as well as artists actively writing reviews and participating in the discourse of art regionally and globally.

Become a Strong Presenter and Communicator

Students are accomplished at representing their ideas visually, symbolically, and in a variety of mediums or one particular medium of the student’s choosing. Students are adept at analyzing, interpreting, and explaining images and objects, not only for content, but also for form and material information, and can relate what they analyze to the wider discourse of visual arts in contemporary culture, regionally and globally.