Global PhD Student Fellowship in Psychology

The NYU Abu Dhabi Global PhD Student Fellowship is offered in the areas of Cognition and Perception, as well as Social Psychology in collaboration with the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science.

The program generally involves one to two years of classwork at NYU New York, followed by three to four years of research at NYU Abu Dhabi. If selected, the doctorate is fully funded under the NYU Abu Dhabi Global PhD Student Fellowship.

Key Features of the Fellowship

  • New York University degree upon graduation
  • Access to the extraordinary resources of the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science and NYU Steinhardt
  • Graduate coursework in New York
  • Cutting-edge research opportunities in NYU Abu Dhabi’s labs
  • Tuition, fees, and health insurance provided throughout the program
  • Generous research assistantship and stipend provided by NYU Abu Dhabi throughout the program
  • Assistance for degree-related travel between Abu Dhabi and New York
  • Campus accommodation at no cost in Abu Dhabi
  • A contribution toward accommodation costs in New York
  • Career development assistance at both campuses

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