Strong Relationships and Communication

Salma Adbulrazak Abubakar is one of the distinguished members of NYU Abu Dhabi’s Trabolsi Research Group within the PhD in Chemistry program. 

Thanks to personal guidance from Ali Trabolsi, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor of Chemistry, Abubakar has been able to expand her research skills in the areas of material science, water purification, and green chemistry.

The strong relationships and communication with faculty have been critical to Abubakar’s success in the PhD program: “I regularly meet with them to discuss my progress, get the support I need, and get outside perspectives on how to handle the challenges I’m facing.”

Abubakar graduated from United Arab Emirates University with a BA in chemistry and environmental biology in 2018. She also graduated from Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program at NYUAD in 2018. She joined the chemistry department in the Global PhD Program at NYUAD in 2019. As she enters her third year in the program, Abubakar's primary research focus is on covalent organic frameworks.

While only halfway through her PhD program, Abubakar has already been greatly impacted by the extracurricular opportunities provided by NYUAD. 

I absolutely loved exploring New York during my free time, but my favorite part of my time at NYU Abu Dhabi has been the richness of our Chemistry department. I recommend everyone take advantage of the extra opportunities presented to you, including workshops, collaborative projects, and relationships with faculty.”