Climate Leadership Program

Sustainability Businesses Are Rapidly Evolving in Other Regions through Cultural and Technological Innovations

Industries in the GCC need professionals that can keep up with the pace of change.

The Climate Leadership Program at NYU Abu Dhabi is a specialized, tailored program designed for businesses in the region and is aimed at leveraging sustainability and climate change mitigation as core drivers for future growth and success in an era of rapid transformation.

Led by a team of the brightest sustainability experts from academia and industry, the program delivers unique insights, aligning with sector-specific experiences and cutting-edge research. Participants can select industry-specific subjects and gain revolutionary insights, driving toward a sustainable future and its economic opportunities.


  • April 15-17, 2024: Three-day foundation module
  • May 2-3, 2024: Two-day sector expert module

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The program consists of a three-day foundation module followed by a two-day sector expert module, delving into sustainability, climate change, and strategic opportunities for climate leadership. Geared toward C-suite and Senior Executives involved in sustainability strategies, the program is designed for medium to large organizations operating in the UAE and the Middle East. It emphasizes real-world industry innovations, offers unparalleled access to our stimulating learning environment alongside transformative insights, and equips participants to identify climate change mitigation opportunities.

"This program is an outstanding chance to help fast-track businesses into the fantastic world of the latest sustainability opportunities. These exciting prospects for new growth and innovation are on the horizon, and NYUAD is committed to actively helping organizations and individuals benefit."
-- Harald Freissmuth, Program Director

The program aims to prepare the next generation of leaders to create value beyond traditional business frameworks, fostering confidence in addressing climate change challenges and creating sustainable business strategies. Through immersive learning experiences and innovative technology, the program ensures actionable real-world approaches for organizational climate change mitigation mandates — ensuring your leaders remain at the forefront of innovation.

As the global landscape evolves, so too should sustainable business leadership. The path to tomorrow starts here.