Core Principles

Diversity and Inclusion

Respect for the value of diversity and inclusion in fostering a thriving community and achieving excellence across all aspects of the university;

Distinctive Global Liberal Arts Education

Dedication to a distinctive global liberal arts education and its capacity to develop autonomy, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, leadership, and love of lifelong learning;

Civic Engagement and Ethical Responsibility

Duty to care for others and our shared planet through civic engagement and ethical responsibility;

Discovery and Innovation

Passion for discovery and innovation and sharing knowledge through engagement with scholarly and non-scholarly communities alike;

Intercultural Understanding and Global Citizenship

Advancement of a new model of global higher education, accessible to students from across the world, to foster intercultural understanding and global citizenship;

Academic Freedom

Commitment to academic freedom, rooted in the belief that human understanding advances through rigorous study, exchange of ideas, collaboration, interdisciplinarity, encounters with difference, and mutual respect;

Anchor Institution for Abu Dhabi and the UAE

Commitment to serving as an anchor institution for Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, a global crossroads with a rich cultural history and dynamic future.