Residential Life

At New York University Abu Dhabi, our Residential Life department fosters an inclusive living-learning community where students can excel both academically and personally. Living on campus goes beyond simply having a place to stay; it's about becoming part of a supportive network that nurtures growth, fosters meaningful connections, and creates lasting memories. We recruit diverse Resident Assistants annually, supporting their development to enhance campus life. Resident Assistants (RAs) undergo rigorous training to provide mentorship, organize activities, and ensure a safe environment. In addition to managing residence halls, our office oversees program initiatives, crisis response, undergraduate storage unit management, and housing services, ensuring a vibrant and supportive residential experience for all students.

Key People

Tina Wadhwa

Associate Dean of Students; Director of Student Success, Well-being, and Residential Life

Fatema Shnyin

Assistant Director, Student Engagement and Residential Operations

Neil Hammond

Senior Manager, Residential College Operations

Andrea Simoes

Coordinator, Student Engagement and Residential Operations

Chant Kazandjian

Manager, Residential Experience and A6 Residential College Director

Gladys Tarisayi Mwedzi

A1 Residential College Director