Health Center

Leader Profile

Dr. Carolynn Clements
Medical Director, Health Center

Dr. Carolynn Clements is the Medical director at the Health Center NYUAD. She is a Family Medicine Consultant who has 17 years of experience. She is from London, UK, and trained at King's College London. Her specialties are lifestyle medicine, women's health and medical education, having previously lectured medical students at University College London. These dual experiences, of a clinician and lecturer, has helped her holistic care particularly working with the student population to help them take control of their health and well-being as well as ensuring they are supported throughout their studies/university life. She is also the coach of the NYUAD netball team.

Key People

Vedrana Mladina

Associate Director, Counseling

Aisha Saeed Alhamiz

Manager, Licensing, Advocacy, and Health Promotions