Compliance assists NYU Abu Dhabi, as an international center of scholarship, teaching, and research, to carry out its academic mission with integrity and in accordance with the University’s legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities.


To promote a culture of compliance, integrity, and ethics at NYU Abu Dhabi through coordinating and facilitating compliance activities and providing services that project a positive attitude towards compliance and ethics.

NYU Abu Dhabi Compliance is a component of the NYU Global Compliance and Risk Program and is composed of five essential elements:

  • A risk-based approach to assess and prioritize the University’s global compliance risks and to mitigate them;
  • A University-wide Compliance and Risk Structure with oversight by the Audit and Compliance Committee of the NYU Board of Trustees and the NYUAD Audit Committee;
  • University Policies and Guidelines;
  • Communication, Education, and Training; and
  • Annual and Periodic Monitoring of Top Institutional Risks.

NYU Abu Dhabi Compliance provides a range of compliance and risk management services to the University community aligned with and implementing these elements.

Key People

Jorge Canovas

Chief Compliance Officer, NYUAD

Liza Manougian

Assistant Compliance Officer

Ben Muller

Assistant Compliance Officer

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General Compliance Inquiries
Including Labor Compliance
Ethical or compliance concerns or matters to be investigated that do not involve labor compliance.