A center of advanced research, scholarly, and creative activity, the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute was established in 2008 for Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the world. The Institute brings together academics, professionals, and leaders from around the world to its academic conferences and public programs to discuss research areas and topics of local and global significance.

Intellectual and Cultural Outreach

The Office of Intellectual and Cultural Outreach within the NYUAD Institute brings together academics, professionals, and experts from around the world to its scholarly workshops and conferences to discuss research and topics of general academic interest across the disciplines.

These workshops and conferences serve to forge ties between NYUAD faculty, NYU’s global network, and regional and international scholars in areas of the Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. A broader audience interested in these activities is often invited to participate as attendants or discussants.

Through its workshop and conference program, the Institute fosters the exchange of new research ideas and collaborations among scholars and their respective institutions. The program offers opportunities for scholars and researchers of all disciplines to gather with their colleagues and exchange the newest ideas in research and broader academic developments. Proposals for these gatherings go through a rigid peer review process and are vetted by a steering committee headed by NYUAD’s Provost.



NYUAD Institute has built over the years lasting partnerships through a multitude of collaborations with international scholars and universities, as well as industry and non-profit institutions. These partnerships have helped to extend the reach of the research and to create cultural and academic links to Abu Dhabi.