NYUAD show on the 1950s ‘Downtown’ New York art scene is a fairy tale story

The National

New NYUAD Art Gallery show highlights the role of artist-founded and -run spaces in building an art community. A process that resonates in the UAE.

Children’s show Farfalle brings a sense of escape to NYUAD

The National

Making its debut in Abu Dhabi on Thursday at The Black Box in the Arts Centre at New York University Abu Dhabi, this is the first time Farfalle has been performed in the region since its creation seven years ago,

Ethical Hackers: The Moroccan Entrepreneurs Battling Cybercrime

Forbes Middle East

Moroccan entrepreneurs, Mohamed Amine Belarbi and Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime, are going into battle with the world’s cyber-criminals—protecting some of the biggest names in the Middle East by hacking their systems.

Duterte’s Enablers

Forbes Middle East

Rodrigo Duterte is not to blame for the thousands of Filipinos killed during the 15 months of his presidency. That’s what his supporters claim. His popularity is pitched as proof of his mandate, and his iconoclasm is cast as an effective antidote to a dilapidated democracy that has always thrived on inequality.

Maysoon Zayid: Comic with can-do calibre

The National

Maysoon Zayid has already taught two guest lectures, given a half-hour interview and been briefly trapped in New York University Abu Dhabi’s underground parking garage by the time early evening rolls around. With her make-up washed off and hair up, she is wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Angry Crip” and is ready to get down to business in the stand-up workshop she is leading Monday night, yalla-ing one of a half-dozen tentative, wannabe comics on stage.

Probing a new algae species for clues into plant adaptation

Nature Middle East

An investigation of the genome and phenome of a green alga called Chloroidium sp. UTEX 3007 has revealed, for the first time, certain adaptive traits that help algae acclimate to desert environments. But what sets apart this new species, which scientists at the New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have discovered and sequenced, from other types of green algae?

New public programme deciphers UAE through food, sport and music

The National

Where can you get the best bread in Abu Dhabi for Dh2 or less? Where is the best place to eat Ugandan or Ethiopian food? Do you have what it takes to find fresh coconut water from Kerala, or are you only able to find the sort that comes from Sri Lanka? For the writer Deepak ­Unnikrishnan, who grew up on Abu Dhabi’s Hamdan Street, such questions are more than a matter of taste, memory or nostalgia, they’re one of the key techniques he uses to entice his students beyond the confines of New York University Abu Dhabi’s (NYUAD) Saadiyat Island campus.

Mourad Merzouki brings his Pixel dance creation to Abu Dhabi

The National

Kicking off the 2017-2018 season of NYU Abu Dhabi’s Arts Centre, Merzouki’s latest creation, Pixel, lives up to his ethos of continuously stretching the boundaries of hip-hop dancing.

Why are Crimean Tatars so hostile to Russia?

The Washington Post

For Crimean Tatars, a Muslim minority group that returned to their ancestral home in Crimea after 1989, the Russian annexation in March 2014 was a hard blow. Three years later, the European Union is pushing back against the latest U.S. sanctions on Russia, passed by Congress in July.

This returning arts season will blow your mind

Abu Dhabi World

When The Arts Center at the university kicked off its season of events two years ago, it brought with it a line-up of performances from artists across the world that most of us hadn’t heard of.

Universities’ focus on careers ‘fails to address global division’

Time Higher Education

Universities that focus only on preparing students for careers are partly to blame for the retreat of support for globalisation, a vice-chancellor has warned. Alfred Bloom, who leads New York University’s outpost in Abu Dhabi, said that universities must provide students with a “global perspective” and the skills to create “a world of common understanding”.

Researchers identify unique UAE green alga that can provide an alternative to palm oil

Gulf News

Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) in collaboration with other groups have discovered that the unique genomic traits that allow a local green algae to survive in a desert climate may have far-reaching potential for biotechnical applications.

New York University Abu Dhabi researchers develop 'unhackable' computer chip

The National

Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi said they have created an 'unhackable' chip to shore up the defences of computer hardware, in an age of increasing threats to individuals and companies across the globe.

UAE coral study underlines benefit of having world-class institutions in this region

The National

Researchers from NYU Abu Dhabi are looking for clues that could one day help coral reefs around the world survive the onslaught of global warming.

14-year-old Emirati author on her way to New York to talk books

The National

Aysha Al Naqbi, one of the UAE’s youngest authors will get the opportunity to share her thoughts on publishing when she becomes the subject of an “In Conversation” session in New York.

Molecular biology study by Abu Dhabi researcher has cancer breakthrough potential

The National

A study by Dr Youssef Idaghdour, an assistant professor of biology at New York University Abu Dhabi, could offer further advances by suggesting pointers that could help develop cancer drugs.

How to ease traffic snarls in Abu Dhabi?

Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A team of researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) are developing a simulation model of the capital’s roads for a project that aims to help ease some of the traffic congestion in the city.

University in Abu Dhabi simulates galaxy formation

Gulf News

Scientists at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have successfully simulated the formation of galaxies through the creation of a supercomputer — 6,000 connected processors that accurately display how galaxies are formed in our universe.

As the U.S. gets more involved in Somalia, beware these three fallacies

The Washington Post

The United States is getting more involved in Somalia, the nation in the Horn of Africa that has been wrestling with violent conflict and political instability for nearly three decades.

NYUAD Arts Centre’s third season is a vibrant mix of music, dance and more

The National

There’s a certain sense of swagger in the recently unveiled third season of events hosted by the Arts Centre at NYU Abu Dhabi – the assured strut of a valued institution approaching adolescence. The coming season – which kicks off in typically curious form on September 7 with a hip-hop dance/interactive media performance by France-based Brazilian troupe Compagnie Kaefig – feels like both a continuation and the solidification of an established ethos, with more left-turns on the horizon.

Woven Identities exhibition focuses on diversity

The National

Ahead of the show's opening at NYUAD, Stephanie Neville and Jeff Scofield talk about tackling transience in the UAE.

Conversations in the Global Classroom

Inside Higher Ed

Which histories matter? Which literatures? And who gets to make those decisions? These questions are particularly complex at NYU Abu Dhabi, where I have taught for the past six years, and where there are more than 100 countries and at least 90 home languages represented among approximately 800 students. The language of instruction is English, but the classrooms are anything but standardized.

LISTEN NOW: Meet The Filmmaker Who's Leading The Science New Wave


If fruit flies of the world had an unofficial spokesperson, it would be Alexis Gambis, a French Venezuelan scientist turned filmmaker and our guest on this week's episode of The Limit Does Not Exist.

NYUAD professor and ace photographer Sohail Karmani’s focus is on Pakistan

The National

A senior lecturer in the arts and humanities department at New York University Abu Dhabi, where he teaches a course on the contemporary politics of Islam, Karmani will begin the new academic year in August by teaching a course put together out of his interest in photography.

The majlis: Education is how we foster tolerance in the UAE

The National

NYUAD Almuna, Sara Al Ahbabi, shares how her upbringing and environment taught her lessons in tolenrance and acceptance.

Shorter monsoon season


C. Thelliyil Sabeerali and Ajaya Ravindran from New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, examine how the length of the rainy summer monsoon season may change in the future.

Be ambassadors of tolerance, NYUAD graduates told

Gulf News

Believe in a positive future despite the divisive world we live in and be ambassadors of tolerance around the world, Shaikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance, told students of New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) during their graduation ceremony on Wednesday.

The journey of a vital artistic community

Gulf News

A major exhibition at NYUAD art gallery surveys one of the most important communities in the UAE’s history, sometimes called “the five.”

‘A pile of cardboard can be beautiful’

Gulf News

Maya Allison, founding director and chief curator of the NYUAD Art Gallery, shares her curatorial vision for the “But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Art Community, 1988-2008” show at the NYUAD Art Gallery.

Nufonia Must Fall at NYUAD: a robot love story

The National

The question might not just be how, but why? Why would you even attempt to adapt a graphic novel about robots in love into a puppet-show/real-time movie, soundtracked by a live string quartet and turntables? The genesis of Nufonia Must Fall – the multidisciplinary performance, which will be staged at New York University Abu Dhabi tomorrow and Friday – came about 17 years ago.

A grain of truth: Anna Kurkova’s Dunescape

The National

Many artists have drawn inspiration from Abu Dhabi’s sweeping sand dunes. But when Anna Kurkova contemplated the desert, she saw an opportunity to make a statement about recycling and humanity’s duty of care for the environment.

My UAE: Fighting off threats with NYUAD cyber security director Hoda Al Khzaimi

The National

New York University Abu Dhabi’s new director of cyber security is as concerned about preserving the environment as implementing safe online practices.

App for Syrian refugee job-seekers among winners at Abu Dhabi hackathon

The National

An app that helps Syrian refugees find jobs in Turkey and a device that limits water consumption were named winners at the New York University Abu Dhabi Hackathon.

Backstreets tell UAE’s real stories

The National

When it comes to thinking about cities, the view from his temporary home at New York University Abu Dhabi provides Suketu Mehta with all the material he needs.

How a hackathon can solve the region’s problems

The National

What happens when you bring together people of all races, ages, genders and geographies to tackle today’s social issues through technology? Every April, students, mentors and judges from all over the world gather at NYU Abu Dhabi with their laptops and ideas to do just that and to contribute to social good in the Arab world.

‘Cool Roofs’ beat the heat in slum homes

Mumbai Mirror

Cool roofs, a collaboration between the NGO Urbz and students from New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus, proposes to cover asbestos roofs with layers of easily available materials like tarpaulin, foam sheets, aluminium foil and transparent plastic sheet to create a sandwich roof – this will help bring down the temperature of the roof by at least by 8 to 9 degrees Celsius, and that of the dwelling below by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Panoramic vision: how the UAE is safeguarding its heritage

The National

Despite being a relatively young country, a rich seam of cultural heritage lies just below the UAE’s 21st-century fascia.

Building Leaders At NYU Abu Dhabi

Forbes Middle East

NYU Abu Dhabi is marrying liberal arts with academic research to develop students capable of connecting a changing world, under the watchful guidance of its Vice Chancellor, Al Bloom.

United Arab Emirates' 23-year-old minister of youth affairs has high aspirations for her peers

Los Angeles Times

They are often ignored, criticized and misunderstood, and in much of the Arab world, they are the target of misconceptions and stereotyping. But in the United Arab Emirates, young people have a new champion. Shamma bint Suhail Faris Mazrui is the Persian Gulf nation’s minister of state for youth affairs. At 23 years old — she was 22 when appointed last year — Mazrui is believed to be the youngest government minister in the world.

The Finnish trio navigating the natural world through 3D art


In their other film “The Secret World of Moths” showing at the 3rd edition of Imagine Science Film Festival in Abu Dhabi this weekend, the collaborative crew of three, Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen and Janne Pulkkinen, who are also lifelong friends, provides a glimpse into nature’s macroscopic expanses through moths.

A Beacon of Progress


Within the UAE, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) which was established by the government of Abu Dhabi to serve as an excellence center for education, can teach organizations about best practice, good governance and effective execution.

Trump says that classified leaks are devastating America. Here’s the real issue with secrets and leaks.

The Washington Post

NYU Abu Dhabi Global Network Associate Professor of Political Science Rahul Sagar on the impact of classified leaks in America.

SMS verification codes at risk of fraud, Abu Dhabi study finds

The National

People’s use of authentication codes to regain access to their online accounts can be exploited by criminals. Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have released a study of how such attacks work and the ways to prevent them.

Diabetes study calls for 20,000 Emiratis

The National

Doctors want 20,000 Emirati volunteers to help them better understand the UAE’s high rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The long-term Healthy Future Study by New York University Abu Dhabi will be the country’s largest.

Review: Barnstorming Brooklyn troupe Red Baraat kick off UAE-wide tour at Abu Dhabi’s Barzakh Festival

The National

Red Baraat’s oft-touted boast as "the best party band in years" – a quote from America’s National Public Radio they are so proud of it is part of their website display name – was under no threat when they kicked off a multi-emirate UAE tour in Abu Dhabi on Friday (February 17).

Leaks Are Totally American—They’re Just Easier Now


President Donal Trump and Republicans in Congress would very much like you to know that they are victims of betrayal—not by General Michael Flynn, who withheld information about his post-election discussions with Russian intelligence agents and has since resigned as national security advisor. The real culprit, in their eyes? Whoever leaked that information to the press.

But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Underground, 1988 – 2008

Fact Magazine

In the face of common challenges, artists are known to come together and create a space of encouragement – that is the basis of what this exciting exhibition highlights. Community has played a key role in every modern art historical breakthrough, with artists banding together around manifestos, or turning to one another for support when art institutions rejected their innovations. Art communities grow out of critical and creative exchange among peers and mentors.

Grace: A Retrospective of Dance Portraiture and Performance 1986-2004

Gulf News

Exhibition of American photographer Joanne Savio’s works. At The Project Space, Arts Centre, NYU Abu Dhabi until February 25.

UAE study shows public’s reluctance to address ‘norm violations’

The National

There are probably many of us who felt our blood pressure rise when we witnessed someone tossing litter into the street.

Discovering Feminist Students in the Middle East

New York Times

“My grandmother told me that the man is the head and the woman is the neck,” said an East European student in my class. “It makes me so mad. I don’t want to be the neck.”

How the Liberal Arts Can Bridge International Divides

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Alfred Bloom, vice chancellor of New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi, recently spoke with The Chronicle about helping a globally diverse student body find common ground and the importance of higher education to help counter anti-globalist sentiment.

My UAE: ­Shamma Al Bastaki is a triple-threat with plenty of ambitions

The National

Perhaps it’s because she’s a poet and an artist – as well as a scientist – that Shamma Al Bastaki felt an urge to explore the magic in sand.

Varsity students from UAE make a difference in Ugandan schools

Gulf News

Tens of thousands of schoolchildren in Central Uganda are set to benefit from an education programme launched by students from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) with the initiative providing students and teachers with much-needed textbooks and training resources.

A Better Approach to Statebuilding Lessons

Foreign Affairs

A Better Approach to Statebuilding Lessons From "Islands of Stability" By NYUAD professor, Michael F. Harsch

The writer no one took notice of until he won the Man Asia Literary prize

Sunday Times Sri Lanka

In English, the title of Miguel Syjuco’s critically acclaimed book, Ilustrado, means “enlightened one.” During the 19th century, it referred to the Philippines’ Europe-educated literati, whose revolutionary ideas helped establish the foundations for Asia’s first democracy. Two hundred years later, expatriate Filipino author Syjuco has put a modern spin on this dated term.