Each organization is special; its goals, operations, people, and challenges unique. At NYUAD we understand that, and seek to leverage our global network of specialized capabilities to assist organizational development needs.

NYUAD brings to individuals, businesses, and government agencies an extensive range of specialist knowledge and skills with an applied focus. Drawing on faculty from Abu Dhabi, New York, and NYU's global centers around the world, the University tailors specialized programs for organizational and professional development.

Working closely with organizations to identify needs, outcomes, and measurements that will enable progression against strategy and development of important human resource capabilities, NYUAD aims to support development from within and pass on models and methods to create a framework for improved performance.

To discuss your organization's special requirements and goals, please contact us. We will be pleased to meet to discuss your requirements more fully.

Custom Programs

Your organization is unique. So is your custom program.

We can work to design a focused workplace program to minimize time away from the office and strategically develop skills and aptitudes to support performance and growth. Please contact us at nyuad.executive.programs@nyu.edu.