1. Surgery Without the Incision

    Cell Surgery Without the Incision

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    It's been quite a year for NYU Abu Dhabi senior Farah Shamout. She was on the winning team at the International Hackathon for Social Good, received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from the University of Oxford, and now, as an undergrad, she's a published researcher in the field of biomedical engineering.

  2. The Conversation: How People Are Shaping the Future of the Wild with Dr. Jane Goodall and Charles Siebert

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist who has conducted remarkable studies of wild chimpanzees and spent decades working in conservation. Charles Siebert has written several books on the interactions between humans and animals and is a professor of practice of Literature and Creative Writing at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  3. J-Term Experiences 2016

    J-Term: Up Close & Personal

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    In January Term, NYU Abu Dhabi students are here, there and everywhere from Shanghai to London, Sydney to New York, and around the UAE.

  4. The Conversation: Syria, Children of War & Digital Diplomacy

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    Marcel Kurpershoek, senior humanities research fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi, was a Dutch diplomat for over 40 years. Thomas Fletcher, NYUAD visiting professor, served as British ambassador to Lebanon.

  5. Monkey on a Mission

    Monkey on a Mission

    By Public Affairs & Abhimanyu Vasishth, Class of 2018

    This stuffed monkey is bananas for NYU Abu Dhabi and the environment.

  6. 20141027NYUAD-0417

    Six Signs You Were Born to be a Scientist

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    For some of us, it takes several years (sometimes decades) to figure out what we love to do and build a career around it. Majors change, jobs are won and lost, and career paths often go sideways. But for others, like NYU Abu Dhabi science majors Priyanka Lakhiani and Alvaro Yanez, passions bubble to the surface a lot sooner.

  7. 20140825-Marhaba-Dorms-037

    Life in Residence is a World of Difference

    By Hadeel Marzouq, Class of 2018

    One of the most beautiful sights at NYU Abu Dhabi is a dorm room decorated by people from two or three different countries. It's common to see walls and windows covered with multiple flags and religious symbols, and the cupboards stocked with an assortment of mysterious ethnic foods. Residence is a place where cultures are intertwined and the unexpected happens.

  8. 20151129-istock-protest-technology

    Before Phones & Facebook: How Did Grassroots Political Causes Go Global?

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affiars

    A hundred and fifty years ago there was no Internet, cell phones or 24-hour global news networks. But there were grassroots political movements that spread from country to country in a way that's not so different in today's age of instant information. It's hard to imagine how this was possible.

  9. Al_Ain-02

    Studying in the UAE is a "Shift in Perspective"

    By Ankita Banerjea, NYU Class of 2018

    When I accepted my offer to attend NYU New York, I was determined to take advantage of the university's global network. But when I decided to spend a semester abroad in Abu Dhabi, I received a lot of comments from confused friends. Why Abu Dhabi? You’re from India, the UAE is practically your backyard! Why would you choose the desert heat instead of NYU London or Florence?

  10. 2015 Commencement

    15 Memorable Moments of 2015

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    Each year seems to get better and better at NYU Abu Dhabi. 2015 was marked by incredible student accomplishments both in and out of the classroom, research breakthroughs by faculty, and a full schedule of interactive public celebrations of art and culture.

  11. The Conversation: Home Sick

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    What is home? Is it a place? A feeling? Joanne and Jim Savio discuss a film they made about Joanne's upbringing in a suburb outside of New York and her attempt to connect with her roots in Lebanon.

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