1. 20151129-Abu-Dhabi-Skyline-033

    UAE Then & Now

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    The rapid pace of development in the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades is sometimes difficult to comprehend. In the 1960s, not only did the UAE not exist yet as a country, there was no marked highway system to connect the small number of people who lived here. In fact, back then in the Trucial States (as it was called by the British) they didn't need paved roads because few people had cars.

  2. Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    By Nia Wilson, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

    Whether you're juggling complex assignments, preparing for exams, or applying for jobs or graduate schools, university life is an intense up-and-down adventure. Many students, from freshman to PhD, agree that the excitement of meeting new people and starting new classes can eventually fade into homesickness and disappointment that things aren't going as planned. Fear of failure is rampant across university campuses though few of us will admit it, especially to each other.

  3. NYUAD Team Wins Drones for Good Competition

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Top Ten Innovations of 2015

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    2015 is the Year of Innovation not only in the United Arab Emirates but also here at NYU Abu Dhabi. This year, many students and researchers alike have earned international attention for a range of groundbreaking and even life-protecting inventions.

  4. Scientists Launch World's Most Sensitive Tool to Find Dark Matter

    Scientists Launch World's Most Sensitive Tool to Find Dark Matter

    By NYUAD Public Affairs & Francesco Arneodo, head of physics

    Dark matter is one of the basic ingredients of the universe. There is five times more dark matter in the universe than normal matter, the atoms and molecules that make up everything we know, yet it is still unknown what this dominant dark component actually is. Searches to detect it in laboratory-based experiments have been conducted for decades. However, dark matter has been observed only indirectly via its gravitational interactions that govern the dynamics of the cosmos. Scientists believe that dark matter is made of a new, stable elementary particle, which has escaped detection. So far.

  5. Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    Touched by Science

    By Tanya Bansal, Class of 2018

    Abu Dhabi's Mushrif Central Park has been transformed into an 11-day science extravaganza of more than 50 interactive workshops and exhibitions, fun experiments and performances to educate young minds about diverse topics in science like the environment, the human body, aerodynamics and outer space.

  6. The Conversation: Sculpture & Architecture

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Assistant Professor of Arts Practice Sandra Peters creates sculptures influenced by architecture. In this video, Peters explains how a house in Los Angeles, designed by architect Rudolph Schindler, inspired her recent work in Abu Dhabi. The sculpture is part of the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Faculty Exhibition open to the public from November 9-22, 2015.

  7. Unravelling the Mysterious Genetic History of the Date Palm

    Scientists Unravel Evolutionary History of Date Palm

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    The origin of the date palm has long been a matter of debate by farmers, historians, and scientists. Like one’s affinity for a football team, allegiances can be determined by geographic proximity. Those with ties to North Africa claim the shores of the Mediterranean as the origin, while others argue that the advent of the sweet fruit occurred in the soil between the Tigris and Euphrates.

  8. US Election 2016

    Resident Expert: US Politics & the Personality Factor

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Ramey is writing a book on the role personality traits play in American politics. In his research he looks at how personality influences the way voters choose candidates, and how legislators' personalities influence they way they behave in Congress. We caught up with Professor Ramey to ask him about the upcoming US presidential election on November 8, 2016.

  9. Quotes from the keynote: Islam in Global Perspective

    Guest Expert: Islam in Global Perspective

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    "I'm trying to disrupt the conventional narrative that Muslims are a new, post-colonial occurrence in Europe. It's historical amnesia to say that Europe has never dealt with this before. That's fiction."

  10. 141028-sr-NYUAD1810

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Kaleidoscope of Classes

    By Hadeel Marzouq, Class of 2018

    Snap judgments, exile, monsters and nomads have all formed the basis of courses at NYU Abu Dhabi. It is a liberal arts university known and celebrated for offering a wide scope of courses from basic requirements such as Introduction to Psychology, to the more obscure classes like Wood.

  11. Samer Madanat, Dean of Engineering Division, NYUAD

    Resident Expert: Transportation and Environmental Sustainability

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi Dean of Engineering Samer Madanat specializes in transportation infrastructure management. He's an expert in developing optimal transportation policies and solutions to improve the sustainability of transportation systems in cities, including highway and public transit networks. In other words, he develops efficient ways for people to get around with an eye on protecting the environment.

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