1. Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Rise Through Iceberg Calving

    Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Rise Through Iceberg Calving

    By Kate Chandler, Associate Director of Public Affairs

    Researchers David and Denise Holland from New York University (NYU) and the Center for Sea Level Change at NYU Abu Dhabi, have filmed an enormous slab of ice breaking off the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland and floating into the ocean. The fracturing event, known as calving, took 10 minutes and the researchers estimate the vertical slab was more than half a mile tall - more than twice the height of the Empire State Building. NYUAD Class of 2018 student Tiantian Zheng was also with the researchers in Greenland to witness this powerful event.

  2. 141029-sr-NYUAD4363

    After Four Years: What I Know Now, That I Didn't Know Then

    Anteneh Teferi Zeleke (Class of 2015) worked as a resident assistant with Residential Housing and Education while completing his studies. He majored in social science.

    Confession: I never fully read the acceptance letter I received from NYU Abu Dhabi four years ago. I was just too excited to join my new home in the UAE.

    Luckily, I got my letter only a few days after Candidate Weekend. I really felt for those who had to wait even a day longer to find out if they would be future students at NYUAD.

    As a high school student in Ethiopia, I recall the daunting process of choosing a university, ideally one that is approved by your parents and popular among your peers. It's an important decision that will prove to mean so much not just to you but your family too. I still remember staying up until 3am waiting for that letter from NYUAD and the excitement I felt when I opened it and read, "Congratulations!"

  3. Ramadan-collage

    The Meaning of Ramadan

    By Sue Ann Lau, Class of 2018

    At Ramadan, Muslims around the world are filled with a variety of emotions; excitement, anxiety, apprehension, reflection. Ramadan can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a time of blessings and forgiveness, and for others, it is a time to be closer to Allah.

  4. The Conversation: Arabic Collections Online

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Arabic Collections Online is a publicly available digital library of Arabic language content, from poetry to religious writings to the scientific. Ginny Danielson is director of libraries for NYUAD, responsible for all aspects of library operations including special and digital collections, and archiving.

    The Conversation is a video series that presents short talks by NYUAD researchers on topics ranging from Astrophysics to Art History.

  5. Substantial Recognition for NYUAD Chemistry Research

    Substantial Recognition for NYUAD Chemistry Research

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    A leading science journal has published award-winning chemistry research by a student from NYU Abu Dhabi that could revolutionize how energy is generated and consumed.

  6. istock-ramadan-2015

    Resident Expert: On Ramadan

    As a long-time instructor of the Arabic language, NYUAD Senior Arabic Language Instructor Nasser Isleem applies studies to his teaching that examine the impact of incorporating Arabic culture integration into a student's course work. Who better then to share what Ramadan is all about?

  7. Art Projects Preserves the Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    Art Exhibition Preserves the Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    By Janice Liu, NYUAD Public Affairs

    When looking at the skyline of Abu Dhabi along the Corniche, it is easy to spot the rows of new, well-kept buildings. Like many modern cities, buildings in Abu Dhabi are often demolished or given a facelift to maintain their pristine look instead of allowing them to naturally age and show signs of wear and tear.

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