In our endeavor to create a truly diverse and globally engaged student body, NYU Abu Dhabi looks for students of all backgrounds from around the world. Additionally, we seek students who will fit comfortably at the very top of the world's talent pool.

Students study side by side with the heads of state, Nobel laureates, Tony Award winners, and business leaders of tomorrow. NYUAD offers an extraordinary environment of internationally diverse, high-caliber students and a rigorous curriculum taught by distinguished professors.

Admission to NYU Abu Dhabi is highly selective. Students are admitted based on the overall strength of their application, including academic excellence, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and a demonstrated interest in global citizenship, service, and leadership.

Student Life

NYUAD photo by Silvia Razgova

Students forge friendships across the national boundaries of other countries, teaching and learning from each other in a myriad of ways.

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Candidate Weekend

A unique part of the NYU Abu Dhabi admissions process is the opportunity to participate in a Candidate Weekend. During Candidate Weekend, candidates take sample classes, engage in one-on-one discussions with NYU Abu Dhabi leadership and faculty, explore the cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi, and experience life in NYU Abu Dhabi's global community.

The Curriculum

NYU Abu Dhabi's undergraduate curriculum exposes students to challenging ideas, bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions, and transformative achievements.

NYUAD In The News

The liberal arts have a big role to play in our post-truth world

The National

"I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of this type of education since leaving Abu Dhabi. From 2013 until this June, I worked at New York University Abu Dhabi, where my job was to tell the university’s stories to the world. In doing so, I came into contact with students from every walk of life living the ethos that an American liberal arts education promises: a breadth of knowledge, a global awareness, a commitment to understanding and transcending difference, and a need to develop compassion for others."

More than a meal: what the evolving story of Emirati cuisine says about society

The National

Just how much can be gleaned from the food on our plates? For the social anthropologist Marzia Balzani and her research assistant, Ayisha Khansaheb, every dish and recipe tells a story and when they are lucky, the culinary tales they collect offer insights that extend far beyond the kitchen and nutrition.