We recognize that each organization and it's goals, operations, people, and challenges are unique. At NYUAD, we leverage our global network of specialized capabilities to develop and offer customized programs to meet your professional development needs. The Office of Executive Education will personally meet with you to determine your needs and objectives and create a framework to meet those needs.

Areas of Expertise

NYUAD offers a wide range of professional development opportunities in areas of expertise such as Economics, Health Care, STEM, and Education.

Engagement Methodologies

Various learning methods are used to engage learners, including lectures, group discussion, coaching, individual activities and exercises, group activities and exercises, video, storytelling, tutorials, individual assignments, group projects, and research.

Program Logistics

Our state-of-the-art facilities are conducive to learning away from the day-to-day work environment, enabling program participants to focus on their learning. If you prefer, arrangements can be made to conduct the program at your site or another venue. Catering, technology, and program management services ensure your program is delivered successfully.

Courses are taught in English. Should there be a need to conduct a course in Arabic, translation services can be arranged.

Professional Achievement

Participants successfully completing NYU Abu Dhabi programs receive a Certificate of Professional Achievement. Professional development programs are accredited for recognition by the Emirates National Qualifications Authority or the UAE Commission on Academic Accreditation, as appropriate.