NYUAD Class of 2015 - Life Beyond Saadiyat

Where are they now?

Cristóbal Martínez Yanes

Current Role: Composer, Freelance, Mexico City, Mexico
Major: Music
Home Region: Mexico City, Mexico

"I make music for film, theater, TV, and I write my own concert music. There has not been a day where I do not use the knowledge and skills I learned at NYUAD to make that music."

Lan Duong

Current Role: Graduate Water Engineer, AECOM, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Major: Civil Engineering
Home Region: Los Angeles, California, US

"In 30 years, entire cities will stand on what are now my project zones, complete with meticulously-designed neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals thriving off the invisible veins and arteries running beneath the streets."

Noha Alfergani

Current Role: Customer Service Representative and IT Development, Johnson & Johnson Inc., Dubai, UAE
Major: Computer Engineering
Home Region: Tripoli, Libya

"My supervisor told me, 'You see things differently than we do. We can use more of that here.' I attribute that to my experience at NYUAD. I was taught to approach problems differently, and to find solutions that are sustainable and efficient."

Tina Skorjanc, NYUAD Class of 2015

Tina Skorjanc

Current Role: Global Ph.D. Student, Chemistry, NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi, New York City, New York, US
Major: Chemistry, Biology
Home Region: Maribor, Slovenia

"At NYUAD I had the chance to study how glaciers in Greenland melt, spend a semester learning Spanish in Argentina, and travel to Zanzibar to investigate the meaning of marine heritage. This is what I would call education for life."

Henry Bradley, NYUAD Class of 2015

Henry Bradley

Current Role: Business Analyst, Arthur D. Little, Dubai, UAE
Home Region: Cheltenham, UK

"The critical thinking skills with which the degree furnishes you, in addition to the multi-faceted understanding you inherit from the other elements of the liberal arts program, boost your ability to bring value addition to a consulting job from day one."

Corey Meyer, NYUAD Class of 2015

Corey Meyer

Current Role: Schwarzman Scholar, International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; J.D. Student, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, US
Major: Political Science
Home Region: Grove City, Ohio, US

"My political arts degree and liberal arts education opened the door for a deeper understanding of law, society, and policy. Without the breadth of exposure I received at NYU Abu Dhabi, I would not be as successful in law school. It takes a truly transdisciplinary education to succeed in the modern world of law.”