I’m from Bosnia and I don't know why exactly, but when I came to NYU Abu Dhabi I fell in love with Arabic. I’ve always loved languages, ever since I was a child. Back home, we don’t speak English at all, so learning English really made me fall in love with all the languages.

In Bosnia, I learned German in school and our professor kept pushing us to speak German in various situations even if we made mistakes and people laughed.

When I arrived in Abu Dhabi, I was interested in learning Arabic because it's closely associated with the field I want to work in. Knowing Arabic will be very useful for a career related to refugees or migration. And in a short time, I've become passionate about it.


Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes
Emina Osmandzikovic is a Political Science and Arabic major.

Engaging in language exchange at NYUAD has made friendships even richer.

Emina Osmandzikovic

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I wouldn't say that I'm fluent yet, but I'm very confident. I can hold a conversation and I'm able to translate and talk to people in Arabic.

Practice doesn't make perfect but it sure helps. My best friend is from Jordan and we speak Arabic together. She sometimes corrects me and explains how the language is different in Jordan than places like Syria. Engaging in language exchange at NYUAD has made friendships even richer.

Arabic Language Class Trip to Jordan
Arabic studies classes travel to Amman, Jordan for intensive language exchange.

Article by Emina Osmandzikovic, Class of 2017