Campus & Community articles from '2014'

  1. Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    By Liza Tait Bailey, NYUAD Class of 2017 & Suparna Mathur, Assistant Director of Community Outreach

    Salamat. Shukriya. Issthuuthi. Nandri. These were just a few of the different languages in which our community said “Thank you” through this year’s NYU Abu Dhabi Holiday Drive to share our gratitude this December.

  2. onsite

    Investigating the Color Spectrum of a Post-Apocalyptic Future Landscape

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    It's the vivid, pervasive colors of the post-apocalyptic landscape that capture your attention when you first encounter Basim Magdy's slide photography in the Art Gallery at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  3. Voices Against Violence

    Voices Against Violence

    By Annalisa Galgano, Class of 2017

    Worldwide, approximately 7 in 10 women report having experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes. 60 million girls are assaulted at or on their way to school every year, and 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not even considered a crime. Because violence against women affects every community and country worldwide, NYU Abu Dhabi students and the Office of Community Outreach decided to raise awareness of the issue by joining forces with the United Nations UNiTE Campaign to End Violence Against Women with the global call to “orange your neighborhood”. The campaign kicked off on November 25th, the International Day to End Violence Against Women.

  4. Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games, the inaugural show in the Black Box Theatre at NYU Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Campus, and a collaboration with the acclaimed Zoukak Theatre Company from Lebanon, premiered in early to November to a sold-out crowd. Inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, the piece was an "investigation into modern day monstrosity. It questions the role of policymaking in scientific advancement and the insatiable pursuit for immortality and security." Following the opening, Salaam checked in with NYUAD Theater & Arts Program Associate Producer Gaar Adams and the Zoukak Theatre Company to learn more about the show, its inspiration, and its conception.

  5. Re-mapping Al Fahidi

    Re-mapping Al Fahidi

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    The blocks of bright color, ragged at the edges, reveal their meaning only after some study. The subtlety of the works by Ebtisam Abdulaziz, now exhibited at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, demands attention.

  6. NYU Abu Dhabi Celebrates UAE's 43rd National Day

    NYU Abu Dhabi Celebrates UAE's 43rd National Day

    On November 26, the NYU Abu Dhabi community gathered for an evening of celebration to pay tribute to the 43rd UAE National Day. The event, held in the central plaza of NYUAD's Saadiyat campus, honored the rich history of the UAE and provided opportunities for guests to experience traditional Emirati culture, and explore local cultural themes and customs.

  7. National Day Speech by Vice Chancellor Al Bloom

    National Day Speech by Vice Chancellor Al Bloom

    Welcome to what I know will be a terrific celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the UAE, and of the 5th National Day that we have observed together as an NYU Abu Dhabi community.

  8. The Idea of Abstraction: A Room From TATE Modern

    The Idea of Abstraction: A Room From TATE Modern

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    Rashid Rana's piece in the inaugural exhibition at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery is not abstract, exactly. Rather, the Pakistani artist explains, it's about abstraction.

  9. IMG_0680

    Candidate Weekend All Over Again

    By Sue-Ann Lau, NYUAD Class of 2018

    As we got off the bus after the two hour ride, a wave of familiarity swept over us. With dune surfing, camel riding and henna art all happening right at the campsite, it was as though we were at NYU Abu Dhabi Candidate Weekend all over again.

  10. Meet the Falcon

    The NYUAD Falcon was out in full force with the community to support the Men's and Women's basketball teams as they faced off against Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi last week. The NYUAD athletics mascot and new fan club were celebrated with a spirit party, including face painting, poster making, and a performance by the university's faculty band RLOE.

  11. ADFF

    Resident Expert: Asian Cinema

    Following the close of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF), Salaam checked in with NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of Film and New Media Dale Hudson to discuss Asian cinema, and what makes great film.

  12. Reflections of the Father of the UAE and Statesman of the World

    Reflections of the Father of the UAE and Statesman of the World

    By Sue-Ann Lau, NYUAD Class of 2018

    "He was a diplomat, he was a builder, a great man of peace." The audience sat in the majlis, listening with rapt attention, as one of the closest advisors to the late President of the UAE shared his insights, anecdotes, and stories about His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the beloved Father of the Nation.

  13. Celebrity Chef Gets Cooking at NYUAD

    Celebrity Chef Gets Cooking at NYUAD

    By Rhoshenda Ellis, NYUAD Class of 2018

    South African celebrity chef and cooking sensation Reuben Riffel paid a visit to NYU Abu Dhabi and treated the staff and students to a live cookery demonstration in the new Marketplace restaurant. At the event, Salaam caught up with the master chef, who opened up about why he started cooking, and his mom's curry fish.

  14. CSC_0723

    Public Health Think Tank: Tackling the Tobacco Crisis in the UAE

    By Emma McGee, Kelly Dougherty, and Alexandra Dimitri

    This past weekend marked the inaugural Public Health Think Tank at NYU Abu Dhabi, a student-led event hosted with the support of the Career Development Center and Student Life.

  15. All About Bluegrass

    All About Bluegrass

    By Lan Duong, NYUAD Class of 2015

    The musicians arrived breathless at NYU Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Campus. Having just finished a performance for hundreds of local schoolgirls at the Rosary School, bluegrass band Della Mae were visiting the University as musical diplomats, invited by the US Embassy in the UAE to hold a masterclass with a group of eight NYUAD students.

  16. The NYUAD Art Gallery: Art in a New Dimension

    The NYUAD Art Gallery: Art in a New Dimension

    In just three days, NYU Abu Dhabi will celebrate the opening of the NYUAD Art Gallery, where visitors will be treated to the works of world-renowned artists. Excited for the launch of On Site, the gallery's first exhibition, Salaam caught up with Maya Allison, NYUAD Art Gallery director and chief curator, to learn about the space, the philosophy behind upcoming programming, and more.

  17. NYUAD Hosts Graduate School Fair

    NYUAD Hosts Graduate School Fair

    More than 100 students flocked to NYU Abu Dhabi's first Graduate School Fair in mid-October to visit with representatives from 23 graduate schools. Hosted by the University's Career Development Center (CDC) with the aim to educate students on what graduate schools look for in their applicants, the fair saw students networking and learning about the research and programs of the participating institutions.

  18. Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Conflict in cyber space is the stuff of box office thrillers and countless articles in the popular press. But how can specialists better understand the consequences and significance of cyber attacks in the real world? Have major cyber attacks scored strategic victories for the nations that have sponsored or launched them? Or are these fusillades of ones and zeros simply a nuisance to their targets?

  19. Exploring the Emirates

    Exploring the Emirates

    By Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Activities Specialist

    We were greeted by two young Emirati men on horseback, each with a large UAE flag held proudly aloft. They guided us down a long dusty driveway, flanked to the left by the desert, suburbs, and skyline of Ras al-Khaimah and to the right by the jagged peaks of the mountains of the northern Emirates.

  20. Community Art Meets Science in the Crochet Coral Reef Project

    Community Art Meets Science in the Crochet Coral Reef Project

    On display until December 4, the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute's Crochet Coral Reef Project exhibition is a colorful and wooly re-creation of our oceans' coral reef communities. Begun in 2005 by sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Los Angeles-based Institute of Figuring, the project aims to draw attention to the plight of coral reefs around the world, which are being devastated by pollution, global warming, and ocean acidification.

  21. High Line Parade Celebrates Diversity and National Pride

    The first in a series of monthly parades hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi's Resident Assistants (RAs), the International Parade on September 25 celebrated many countries represented by the student body while bringing together members of the University community. Held on the High Line — an elevated outdoor pathway that circles the campus — and spearheaded by RA Cristóbal Martinez (NYUAD '15), the parade saw approximately 30 students parading from the dorms to the dining hall, just in time for dinner.

  22. By the Numbers: The Class of 2018

    By the Numbers: The Class of 2018

    The numbers are in on the Class of 2018!

    Last month, NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed 263 new students, a diverse group representing 79 countries and speaking more than 65 languages. The yield — the percentage of students who attend NYUAD after being admitted — for the class was 82 percent and the most heavily represented countries of its members are the US, the UAE, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, the UK, and Australia.

  23. Designing a Better Chip

    Designing a Better Chip

    As one might imagine, designing a computer chip is a painstaking and intricate process. Creating the blueprint for a chip that comprises multiple layers of complex circuitry involves the creation of schematic diagrams to map electrical circuits, floor planning to manage where each component fits, and routing connections between those components — not to mention a rigorous process of simulation, testing, and refining before the chip is ready to move on to fabrication. Designing one chip requires teams of engineers and a significant financial and time investment.

  24. Student Exhibition Opens in Dubai

    This past weekend, Dubai's XVA Gallery hosted a group of NYUAD student artists — senior Nikolai Kozak, juniors Nino Cricco and Shakhbout Al Kaabi, and sophomores Agustina Zegers and Charlotte de Bekker — whose work is currently on display in an exhibition entitled "I H8 My FRNDZ." Addressing the notion of conceptual art and challenging the conventions of a typical art gallery experience, the exhibition — curated by NYUAD senior Grace Hauser — explores the intricate relationship between memory and identity. Can't get to Dubai before October 9? Then check out some of the artwork in the gallery below.

  25. No Shawarma Left Behind

    No Shawarma Left Behind

    NYU Abu Dhabi students are nothing if not resourceful. So when their bellies began to rumble for shawarma, three intrepid individuals — senior Rock Zou and sophomores Quan Vuong and Martin Slosarik — developed a plan to bring shawarma to Saadiyat. But not just any shawarma.

  26. Memories of Marhaba

    Memories of Marhaba

    As Marhaba 2014 drew to a close, the members of NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2018 gathered to reflect on their university experiences thus far. They were asked: Years from now when you think about Marhaba, what will you remember? Here's what just a few anonymous freshmen had to say.

  27. Living and Learning

    The National visited NYUAD's new Saadiyat Campus at the beginning of term and produced a video about the intentions of its architecture. Check out the video below!

  28. Collaborative Culture

    By Mohit Mandal, NYUAD Class of 2015

    It was a warm and windless January night in Stone Town; the three of us nervously followed as our Zanzibari informant, a fashion designer named Faroque, led us down a series of dark and twisting alleys. Passing through a wooden doorway, camera equipment hanging from our necks, we entered a small room with blackboards on all the four walls and a solitary bulb providing weak fluorescent light.

  29. Images of Marhaba

    Images of Marhaba

    It has been a very busy week for NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2018. From campus tours and excursions into Abu Dhabi to Campus Life activities and informational sessions, Marhaba 2014 has been a whirlwind for the newest members of our community. See just a bit of what they've been up to in the gallery below.

  30. Welcome, Class of 2018!

    A very warm welcome to the Class of 2018! And what better way to get you started here at NYU Abu Dhabi than with advice from those who have already walked the path on which you are about to embark? Without further ado, some words of wisdom from members of the University's inaugural Class of 2014.

  31. A Capital Summer

    A Capital Summer

    By Austin Wilson, NYUAD Class of 2015

    What do six members of the United States Senate, world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and an NYU Abu Dhabi student have in common? Many of you may believe this to be the start of a terrible joke, but the truth is that these are three components, albeit unlikely ones, of my summer internship experience in the capital of the United States — the picturesque city of Washington, D.C.

  32. Arabic and Entrepreneurship in the UAE

    Arabic and Entrepreneurship in the UAE

    By Xu Xinming, NYUAD Class of 2017

    My first university summer was not the type of holiday that I would recommend to future freshmen who want to relax and see the world before chasing after summer internships in subsequent years. Nevertheless, I found my summer equally exciting and tremendously rewarding, both intellectually and experientially.

  33. Observations of Ramadan from Ethiopia, Part Two

    Observations of Ramadan from Ethiopia, Part Two

    In this, the final installment of our Observations of Ramadan from Ethiopia two-part series, Hayat Seid (NYUAD '17) shares her favorite thing about Ramadan.

  34. Ramadan Sadaqah

    Ramadan Sadaqah

    In addition to fasting from sunrise to sunset and performing self-reflection, for those observing Ramadan, the act of giving Sadaqah — charitable giving — is also a common practice.

  35. UAE Embassy Opens Doors to NYUAD Students

    UAE Embassy Opens Doors to NYUAD Students

    By Layo Olayiwola, NYUAD Class of 2015

    Summer in Washington, DC consists of hot, humid days and not cool enough nights — but more than enough art to inspire and enlighten the mind. As a native of London, where summer typically lasts about a day, I was more than happy to pass the time in the air conditioned interior of the Smithsonian Museum of African Art as a curatorial intern working on an exhibition centered on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Still, the sun, the heat, the humidity, and the abundance of pristine fountains sparked a certain nostalgia for Abu Dhabi.

  36. IMG_6330

    All the Way Argentina

    One of an estimated 500,000 fans who traveled to South America for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Director of Athletics Florencia Caro was in her element. A football fan since childhood, Caro grew up a mere 10 blocks from El Monumental, Argentina's biggest stadium and home to River Plate, her local team. "We could always hear the wave of sound roaring from the crowds after every goal on any given Sunday afternoon," she said.

  37. Catching the World Cup

    Catching the World Cup

    By Charlotte de Bekker,  NYUAD Class of 2017

    I was born in England, but lived in Germany until I was almost two years old. Then, after six years in the Netherlands and a stint in the Czech Republic, my family moved to the United Arab Emirates. Despite the many countries I’ve called home, my World Cup allegiance lies with the Dutch.

  38. Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan Kareem

    NYU Abu Dhabi wishes you a Happy Ramadan.

  39. Graduating Seniors Say Ma'a Salama to NYUAD

    Graduating Seniors Say Ma'a Salama to NYUAD

    Beginning on May 21, NYU Abu Dhabi's Ma'a Salama programming allowed the members of the Class of 2014 to bid adieu to NYUAD. The University's first farewell week, Ma'a Salama — "farewell" in Arabic — was kicked off by an overnight trip for seniors that featured a flashback dinner. The four-day program was also open to the students' guests, who took part in activities such as a tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a faculty farewell, and a desert tour. Ma'a Salama concluded with a colloquium that included former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown, NYU Professor of Philosophy Kwame Anthony Appiah, and a panel of students from the Class of 2014. View photos from some of the events in the gallery below.

  40. angel1

    NYUAD Supports Mission to Seafarers Project

    Living on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus has its benefits. As students we are close to our classrooms, with dining and recreation just a short walk away. While we bury ourselves under homework and projects, we sometimes lose sight of how daily conveniences and necessities like books, food, and general supplies make their way to us.

  41. NYUAD Graduates Inaugural Class

    NYUAD Graduates Inaugural Class

    Congratulations to the members of NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014 who graduated today on the University's new campus on Saadiyat Island. In addition to a speech by NYUAD Vice Chancellor Al Bloom and a welcome by graduating senior Shamma Sohail Al Mazrui, the ceremonies included a video tribute to the senior class and a keynote address from 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton.

    Join us in congratulating our first graduating class on Facebook or Twitter (#NYUAD and #NYUAD2014).

  42. NYUAD's First Graduating Class Looks Back

    NYUAD's First Graduating Class Looks Back

    Before the members of NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014 sat their last undergraduate exams, Salaam asked them to reflect on the past four years, first focusing on their acceptance to NYUAD. For Joshua Shirley, a double major in Philosophy and Political Science, coming to NYUAD meant "The opportunity to challenge myself in ways I had previously never imagined," he said. "It was an experience I knew would question every part of my identity and all that I thought I knew. I couldn't turn that challenge down."

  43. NYUAD Seniors Mingle with NYU Alumni

    NYUAD Seniors Mingle with NYU Alumni

    The NYU Middle East Alumni Club hosted a networking reception at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi in early May with many alumni coming from Schools at NYU New York, including Stern, Law, Wagner, and Steinhardt. About 30 of NYU Abu Dhabi's soon-to-be-graduating seniors were also present at the event, which created a unique opportunity for members of the Class of 2014 to meet and mingle with NYU alumni in this region.

  44. NYUAD Hosts Biiah Climate Change Youth Conference

    In late April, environmental enthusiasts gathered at NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus for Biiah 2014, a one-day event hosted by the University's Ecoherence environmental advocacy student group. Biiah, Arabic for "environment," is the first climate change youth conference in the UAE and was created, according to event organizers, to serve as "the kickoff to a burgeoning environmental movement in the county, bringing together students, community members, and experts in the region."

  45. UAE Celebrates First Europe Day

    UAE Celebrates First Europe Day

    More than 180 students representing some 50 countries met with European Union Ambassador to the UAE Mihai Stuparu, as well as with diplomats of the EU member states, during the first Europe Day celebration in the UAE.

  46. Shining a Light on Autism

    Shining a Light on Autism

    In celebration of Autism Awareness month, NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus garden glowed to the light of a hundred blue candles on April 25. The University's first Autism Awareness educational evening was organized by NYUAD students inspired by their volunteer work with the Autism Support Network — Abu Dhabi.

  47. NYUAD Presents Inaugural Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards

    NYUAD Presents Inaugural Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards

    By Robert Leary, NYUAD Residence Director

    Besides attending classes, NYU Abu Dhabi students devote hours each week to conducting student organization meetings, coordinating community service projects, and leading other initiatives to better the lives of their peers and members of the Abu Dhabi community. In late April, our students took a brief pause from their various endeavors to celebrate their leadership contributions at the first annual Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards Gala.

  48. A Superhero Week for NYUAD Students

    A Superhero Week for NYUAD Students

    By Vic Lindsay, NYUAD Assistant Director of Student Activities

    Of all the things NYU Abu Dhabi students can achieve, they’ll likely never be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet. But for one week this April, every student on campus had the chance to live the life of a superhero.

  49. NYUAD Superhero Week Concludes with Comic-Con Visit

    NYUAD Superhero Week Concludes with Comic-Con Visit

    Guest Post: Samia Meziane, NYUAD Class of 2016.

    For the finale of the University's Superhero Week, which took place earlier this month, 15 NYUAD students travelled to Dubai for a day at the Middle East Film and Comic Convention (MEFCC or Comic-Con).

  50. A Mouthwatering Week at NYUAD

    A Mouthwatering Week at NYUAD

    Members of the NYU Abu Dhabi community had the chance to sink their teeth into some delicious international cuisine this month at the University’s cafeterias. Cooked with love by the NYUAD kitchen, food served has included French pâté, Colombian soup, and Trinidad stewed chicken, just to name a few.

  51. Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Spring break on college campuses typically means travel with friends or simply trying to catch up on much-needed rest. But for NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Mohammed Amine Belarbi, spring break 2014 was spent delivering a lecture – to a global online audience.

  52. President Bill Clinton to Speak at NYU Abu Dhabi's First Graduation Ceremony

    President Bill Clinton to Speak at NYU Abu Dhabi's First Graduation Ceremony

    The keynote speaker for NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural commencement ceremony on May 25, 2014, will be President Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States and founder of The Clinton Foundation.

  53. NYUAD Celebrates Arabian Cultural Night

    On March 6, Majlis, NYU Abu Dhabi's Arabian culture student group, hosted Arabian Cultural Night at the University's Downtown Campus. In addition to learning facts about Arab culture and enjoying a range of performances, guests tasted Arabic cuisine and relaxed in the garden while taking in the festivities. Watch the video below to see what the event was all about.

  54. NYUAD Women's Football Team Win

    NYUAD Women's Football Team Win

    After five months of training and preliminary competitions, the NYU Abu Dhabi Women's Football team won the Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League (ADISL) Football Championship Finals on March 3.

  55. Top Four at Hult Prize Regional for NYUAD Team

    Top Four at Hult Prize Regional for NYUAD Team

    NYU Abu Dhabi students Bhavna Menon (NYUAD '16), Farah Shammout (NYUAD '16), Issa Nasr (NYUAD '17), Djordje Modrakovic (NYUAD '16) and Eder Munya (NYUAD '16) made it to the regional semifinals of the Hult Prize on March 8.

  56. AUHDIO Brings Live Music to Abu Dhabi

    AUHDIO Brings Live Music to Abu Dhabi

    When it comes to music, Abu Dhabi has no shortage of big-name acts. Last month it was the Rolling Stones On Fire on Yas Island. In May, it will be Justin Timberlake’s World Tour that croons its way into the soundtrack of this city.

    Homegrown, grassroots sounds, on the other hand, are harder to come by. Open-mike nights that are so ubiquitous in other major urban centers are rare here, or at least not as well promoted.

  57. NYUAD Holds Australia and New Zealand Night

    NYUAD Holds Australia and New Zealand Night

    NYU Abu Dhabi students had a fun night of food, games and music on February 21 at the Australia and New Zealand Night. Held at NYUAD Downtown Campus, the event was created to introduce Australia and New Zealand culture to the rest of the NYUAD community. Australian folk songs, traditional Maori songs, a slang quiz and interactive cultural activities were some of the activities held that night.

    Photo credit: Sheba Vohra

  58. Hackathon for Social Good Completes Third Year at NYUAD

    Hackathon for Social Good Completes Third Year at NYUAD

    The third annual NYU Abu Dhabi International Hackathon for Social Good, which was held on February 16, saw students from the region and around the world convene at NYUAD Downtown Campus to compete. The computer science students also had opportunities to interact and network with venture capitalists, technology professionals, and successful startups over the three-day programming marathon.

  59. NYUAD Students Win Google Cloud Developer Challenge with Stories that Travel

    NYUAD Students Win Google Cloud Developer Challenge with Stories that Travel

    What started as a spontaneous discussion in the NYU Abu Dhabi student lounge one day has been translated into a USD 21,000 award from one of the Web's biggest names.

    NYUAD students Lingliang Zhang, Moïri Gamboni, and Mariko Kuroda—all sophomores—are the first place winners of the non-enterprise category in the worldwide Google Cloud Developer Challenge for their website Travellog. After progressing through the different stages of the competition that started on September 4, 2013, the winners were finally announced on January 28 this year.

  60. Two NYUAD Students Named by Rhodes Trust as Inaugural Falcon Scholars

    Two NYUAD Students Named by Rhodes Trust as Inaugural Falcon Scholars

    Congratulations to NYUAD seniors Shamma Sohail Faris Al Mazrui and Charlotte Wang who have been selected as the two 2014 Falcon Scholars from the UAE. They will be the first to embark on this scholarship, administered by the Rhodes Trust, which will fund them to study at the University of Oxford for a minimum of two years.

  61. The Vocaholics at the White House

    NYUAD Student Carries a Tune All the Way to the White House

    When Benjamin Jance IV (NYUAD '15) joined The Vocaholics, an a capella group at NYU New York, he had no idea that getting outside of his comfort zone would eventually find him in the company of the American president, Barack Obama, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

  62. NYU Abu Dhabi Student Helps Sculpt the Sound of the Emirates

    NYU Abu Dhabi Student Helps Sculpt the Sound of the Emirates

    Have you ever wanted to take home the soothing sounds of the desert at sunset? Package the creaks and whistles of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris after a rain? Box the acoustics of the Golden Gate Bridge? When we travel, it’s easy to snap photographs of these iconic places and hang them on the wall. Audible fingerprints, however, are much harder to take home.