NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2020 group picture; World Map; Overall student body: 1,050+ students enrolled for Academic Year 2016-17; 110 nationalities (including dual nationalities)
Class of 2020 Application Cycle: 11,000+ applicants; 402 offers of admission; 323 matriculants in Class of 2020; 4% admit rate, 79% yield rate
Class of 2020: Largest single nationality on campus is Emirati students, with 43 in the Class of 2020 (or 13%); After the UAE, the 10 next most represented countries by citizenship are: United States, Pakistan, India, South Korea, China, Jordan, Egypt, United Kingdom, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 76 high school countries and different nationalities.


Globalization can appear to be automatic — the effect of economic and historical forces beyond anyone's control — but this does not mean that the virtues required to thrive and lead in a global world come automatically. It is these qualities — empathy and the ability to think across cultural boundaries; the fortitude to lead in a climate of uncertainty; an all-embracing sense of adventure; and the creativity to re-imagine not just solutions, but a complete vision — that NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to develop to the utmost degree in its students.

Class of 2020 Standardized Testing (Testing data only reflects students who chose to submit the SAT, ACT, or IB to fulfill NYU's testing requirements). SAT Math Score: 25th percentile: 730; 75th percentile: 800. SAT Critical Reading Score: 25th percentile: 670; 75th percentile: 760. ACT (median composit score): 33 out of 36-point scale. International Baccalaureate (median predicted score): 39 out of 42-point scale. SAT (median score out of 1600): 1510.
116 languages spoken by NYUAD students; 70 languages spoken by the class of 2020; 92% speak two or more languages; 42% speak three or more languages.
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The Class of 2020

NYUAD Class of 2016

Over 320 students representing 76 nationalities join NYU Abu Dhabi in this year’s Class of 2020.

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