Who is the NYU Abu Dhabi Student?

Those attending NYU Abu Dhabi rank among the world's most talented students. We measure these students by their:

  • Overall academic performance in a rigorous university-preparatory curriculum
  • Scores on national examinations or other standardized testing
  • Performance in local, national, and international academic competitions
  • Achievements in the arts
  • Record of leadership in their school and the larger community

Without exception, NYU Abu Dhabi students show an uncontained joy for learning across the disciplines, an insatiable curiosity about the larger world, an indomitable capacity to work hard, a remarkable sense of community building, an intuitive understanding of bridging cultures, and a sense of awe about participating in the truly global university experience NYU Abu Dhabi has to offer.

At a Glance

For information about our current students and to see where they are from, see our Student Profiles.

Class Profile Statistics

 Class of 2014Class of 2015Class of 2016
Class size*148161151
Number of countries of origin406065
Languages spoken435551
SAT – Math – 25th/75th
SAT – Critical Reading –
25th/75th percentile
Total applications – dual
9,048 (957)
5,858 (1,222)
15,520 (2,470)
Total applicants admitted189195208

* Total number of students beginning academic year