NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty

NYU has established itself as a global network university, a multi-site, organically connected network encompassing key global cities and idea capitals. The network has two foundational, degree-granting campuses: New York and Abu Dhabi (a third portal campus will open in Shanghai in fall 2013), complemented by a network of more than 15 research and study-away sites across five continents. Faculty and students will circulate within this global network in pursuit of common research interests, the promotion of cross-cultural understanding, and solutions for problems, both local and global.

NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to recruit faculty who are at once distinguished in their research and teaching. NYUAD offers undergraduate degrees (it will offer graduate degrees in the future), as well as extraordinary opportunities for faculty research, scholarship, and creative work across the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and engineering. The faculty are academic leaders who value the opportunity to build the institution, shape programs, and foster synergies across fields. Our students are drawn from around the world and surpass all traditional recruitment benchmarks.

Open Faculty Positions

Dean of Arts and HumanitiesDescriptionApplyNYUADDeanAH@spencerstuart.com
Arabic Literature Professor
Art History Professor Description Apply nyuad.humanities@nyu.edu
Biology ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.science@nyu.edu
Bioethics ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.humanities@nyu.edu
Chemistry ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.science@nyu.edu
Economics Professor
Ethnomusicology ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.humanities@nyu.edu
History ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.humanities@nyu.edu
Music Performance ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.arts@nyu.edu
Political Science - Political Theory ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Political Science ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Social Research and Public Policy Professor
Center for Prototype Climate Modeling - Research PositionsDescriptionApplykristina@cims.nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Position - Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices LaboratoryDescription mohammad.qasaimeh@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher Position - BiologyDescriptionApplyjane.toye@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Position - Developmental and Educational PsychologyDescriptionApplyavs5@nyu.edu
Center for Global Sea Level Change (CSLC): Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Assistantship Position - Design Technology Lab (DTL)DescriptionApplynyuad.dtl@gmail.com
Research Scientist - Center of Genomics and Systems BiologyDescriptionApplyjmlucas@nyu.edu
Scene Shop Supervisor, Technical InstructorDescriptionApplyaudrey.longo@nyu.edu
Senior Research Scientist/Research Scientist - Center of Genomics and Systems Biology
Software Engineer - Center for Genomics and Systems BiologyDescriptionApplyjmlucas@nyu.edu
Temporary/Visiting Chemistry ProfessorDescriptionApplynyuad.science@nyu.edu