Throughout its history, NYU has prided itself on being "in and of the city," and this deep integration with its host city — and region — is central to the long-term vision of NYU Abu Dhabi.

NYUAD seeks to contribute to and advance Abu Dhabi's transformation into one of the next great idea capitals, a magnetic center of ideas, education, and talent. NYUAD's curriculum, research, and public programs illuminate aspects of Abu Dhabi's policy agenda and connect deeply to the possibilities and interests of the country and the region.

NYUAD involves students in community service and internships; collaborates with national universities and local institutions; encourages public participation in the many programs sponsored by the NYUAD Institute, a major forum for research dissemination and public discourse; offers courses to advance professional development; builds partnerships with Abu Dhabi organizations and businesses; and provides educational programs for local secondary and university students.

Off-campus Internships


NYUAD students are encouraged to engage in internships and work-experience opportunities throughout the year to improve and strengthen their skills and competitiveness for future employment.

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Competitive Sports


From inter-class challenges to events across the region, our men's football team continues to represent NYUAD, while the women's team is growing in size and reputation as it competes throughout the UAE.

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Community Outreach


NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach provides information to students seeking both short- and long-term volunteer opportunities, as well as guidance on how to select those opportunities that interest them, and for which their skill sets are most needed.

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