Arabic Collections Online (ACO) is a publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic language content, providing digital access to printed books drawn from rich Arabic collections of prominent libraries.

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Readers can access the ACO website and then either read the texts online or download them as low or high resolution PDFs. The web interface allows for thumbnail, single or dual page views, along with a zoom feature. Permanent links to each title are also provided to ensure navigation to the original resource. Users can browse texts by author, title, place or subject in both Arabic and English.

Arabic Collections Online
Arabic Collections Online
Arabic Collections Online

In partnership with Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, American University of Beirut and American University of Cairo, Arabic Collections Online aims to be one of the largest digital collections of out-of-copyright Arabic texts with an eventual goal of digitizing and making available up to 25,000 titles.

ACO New Additions

al- Maḥfūẓāt al-Malakīyah al-Miṣrīyah v.1-4

Author: Rustum, Asad, 1897-1965
Publisher: Maṭbaʻat al-Jamiʻah al-Amrīkīyah
Place of Publication: bayrūt
Date of Publication: 1940-1943
Subject: Diplomatic relations, Syria -- History -- Sources, Syria -- Foreign relations -- Egypt, Egypt -- Foreign relations -- Syria, Egypt, Syria
Provider: Columbia University Libraries

Tārīkh Wāsiṭ

Author: Baḥshal, Aslam ibn Sahl, -904 or 905ʻ Awwād, Kūrkīs.
Publisher: Maṭbaʻat al-Maʻārif
Place of Publication: baghdād
Date of Publication: 1967
Subject: Wāsiṭ (Iraq) -- History
Provider: Columbia University Libraries

Tārīkh al-Andalus al-musammá bi-al-muʻjib fi talkhīṣ akhbār al-Maghrib

Author: ʻAbd al-Wāḥid al-Marrākushī, 1185-
Publisher: Maṭbaʻat al-Saʻādah
Place of Publication: miṣr
Date of Publication: 1906
Subject: 711 - 1516, Spain -- History -- 711-1516, Spain
Provider: Columbia University Libraries

al- Thaqāfah al-Islāmīyah fī al-Hind

Author: ʻAbdulḥaʼī, Sayyid, 1869-
Publisher: al-Majmaʻ al-ʻIlmī al-ʻArabī
Place of Publication: dimashq
Date of Publication: 1958
Subject: Islam -- India, Arabic literature -- India, Arabic literature, Islam, India
Provider: Columbia University Libraries

al- Shaykh Bishārah al-Khūrī

Author: ʻAbbūd, Mārūn.
Publisher: Dār al-Makshūf
Place of Publication: bayrūt
Date of Publication: 1950
Subject: Khūrī, Bishārah Khalīl -- 1890-1964, 1946 - 1975, Presidents -- Lebanon -- Biography, Politics and government, Presidents, Lebanon -- Politics and government -- 1946-1975, Lebanon
Provider: Columbia University Libraries