Life Beyond Saadiyat post-graduation alumni experiences are as varied as their interests and backgrounds. Many graduates from the Class of 2016 are earning their master's at top schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and MIT, while others have started their own businesses, or landed jobs in industries ranging from finance to education, arts, and the research sector.

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Internship leads to full-time work

Name: Nkos'khona Msimanga

Current Role: Field Engineer, Judlau Contracting, New York, NY, United States

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Home Region: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Nkos’Khona Msimanga, NYUAD Class of 2016

Nkos'khona Msimanga is an engineer with Judlau Contracting working on the rehabilitation of the South Ferry subway station in Manhattan, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. He was offered a full-time position after working as an intern on the Second Avenue subway line — the latest expansion to the New York City subway system — during his junior year. He said "NYUAD has given me the ability to listen to my coworkers' ideas and work on tasks effectively, and engineering classes enhanced my problem solving skills, which are a major requirement for my job.”

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On the road

Name: Louis Plottel

Current Role: Traveler, Magazine Editor

Major: Arab Crossroads Studies

Home Region: Vancouver, Canada

 Louis Plottel, NYUAD Class of 2016

Louis Plottel decided to take a road less traveled and instead of starting a career or continuing his studies, he decided to go exploring. After graduation, he commenced a journey around the Perigord region of France in a horse-drawn carriage, visiting prehistoric caves, meeting with farmers and artists in the region, and practicing a traveling artistic project aimed at addressing the relationships between humans, animals, and nature. The project taught him that meaningful interactions with local people is the best way to truly appreciate complex global problems.

Getting a master's in Sweden

Name: Dora Palfi

Current Role: Master’s Student, Human Computer Interaction and Design, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Major: Biology

Home Region: Budapest, Hungary

Dora Palfi, NYUAD Class of 2016

Dora Palfi is studying at the intersection of biological sciences and technology. While majoring in biology, flexible programming at NYUAD allowed her to pursue interests in technology through various hackathons, spending time in the Engineering Design Studio, and starting the student group weSTEM (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). She credits the curriculum of study that gave her “the ability to quickly adapt to new environments and grasp new ideas,” as well as developing her curiosity and pushing her to face new challenges in and out of the classroom.

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Taking care of business "Down Under"

Name: Tessa Ayson

Current Role: Business Analyst, Partners in Performance, Sydney, Australia

Major: Economics and Psychology

Home Region: Auckland, New Zealand

Tessa Ayson, NYUAD Class of 2016

Studying economics and psychology allowed her to examine how people think, act, and make decisions, which has been hugely important for her current work. “Learning the behavioral side of economic theory helped me understand the crucial linkage between business processes and humans," she said. Understanding this linkage has allowed Tessa to excel as she navigates client relations and aims to improve business processes as a business analyst at Partners in Performance in Sydney, Australia.