In 2016, NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated prestigious student awards, groundbreaking research, and even an Olympic swimmer.

Chemists grow breakthrough crystal that can self-repair overnight

Imagine a future where buildings and roads can self-repair cracks or smartphones can automatically mend their broken screens, all without human intervention.

Powerful art exhibit challenges UAE stereotypes, wins award

Sara Alahbabi, Class of 2016, is from Abu Dhabi and majored in visual arts. Her Capstone project earned widespread acclaim in the UAE.

Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

Student project to improve road safety wins AED 1 million

RoadWatch — the winning entry in the university category at the 2016 UAE m-Government Service Awards — is a personal driving assistant on a smartphone that encourages drivers to follow the rules of the road and warns of adverse conditions like bad weather, a collision, or an approaching ambulance.

RoadWatch App Wins AED 1 Million

Students honored for academic excellence, community spirit

NYUAD students were honored for excellence in academics and community building in 2016, and many continued their studies at prestigious schools around the world as Rhodes Scholars and Fulbright Award recipients.

Students Honored for Academic Excellence & Community Building

NYUAD speakers address global issues at TEDxNYUAD

TEDxNYUAD 2016 challenged the perception of being successful, dealing with hardships, cultural heritage, and giving back to the community. In her talk, Joey Bui describes the journey of karma and why it remains crucial in today's complex world.

Farewell Class of 2016

In four years, NYUAD's Class of 2016 won global awards and scholarships, earned entry at prestigious graduate schools, and secured employment in the UAE and beyond at some of the world's top businesses and institutions.

Welcome Class of 2020!

323 students, 76 nationalities, speaking some 70 languages. With the addition of the Class of 2020, and for the first time at NYUAD, the total student population is now over 1,000 students.

Nada Al Bedwawi swims at the Rio Olympics

NYU Abu Dhabi science student Nada Al Bedwawi made a splash in the history books as the UAE's first female swimmer to compete at an Olympic Games.


It's an honor for me to be the first Emirati girl to represent the UAE at the swimming Olympics and I hope more will follow.

Nada Al Bedwawi, NYUAD science student

NYU inaugurates Andrew Hamilton as its 16th president

Inauguration Celebration Week featured a week-long series of special events that shared the innovation, vision, and character driving NYU's global community.

Inauguration of President Andrew Hamilton

Abu Dhabi arts lovers flock to campus

The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated its inaugural season in 2016, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery welcomed arts lovers from Abu Dhabi and beyond to its on-campus exhibitions.