Campus & Community articles from '2012'

  1. NYUAD Celebrates Diversity and Unity of African Continent

    NYUAD Celebrates Diversity and Unity of African Continent

    End-of-semester fatigue was nowhere to be seen as NYU Abu Dhabi students, staff, and faculty converged on the University's Downtown Campus to celebrate the diversity and unity of the African continent late last week.

  2. The Baladna Supreme Court is Now in Session

    The Baladna Supreme Court is Now in Session

    Welcome to Baladna (Arabic for "our country"), an entirely fictitious country located somewhere in Europe. Being a relatively young nation, Baladna has only two laws on the books, in addition to its constitution. Despite that, it has a well-assembled bench of justices that was narrowed down after an audition process. As such, NYUAD juniors Meike Radler and Leah Reynolds and sophomores Jamie Sutherland and Lauren Horst were recently joined by Chief Justice (and NYU President) John Sexton and renowned debate coach Aaron Timmons for Baladna's first-ever Supreme Court session.

  3. Exploring Movement and Rhythm at NYUAD

    Exploring Movement and Rhythm at NYUAD

    Guest Post: Valentina Vela, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Common Ground has seen many an event, but none quite like the dance workshops that took place in late-November. Students and staff alike took to the floor during a series of workshops to learn not one but two types of dance: Bharatanatyam and contact improvisation, both of which explored movement in various ways.

  4. NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    In the days leading up to the UAE's 41st National Day, the NYUAD community and its neighbors gathered on the University campus to celebrate. NYUAD was visited by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan; His Excellency Riyad Al Mubarak, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority; and the Authority's staff for a special performance by the Abu Dhabi Police Band.

  5. NYUAD Sophomore Swims the Mina Mile

    Guest Post: Olivia Bergen, Class of 2015.

    At 5:45am on a recent November morning I sleepily departed Sama Tower and made my way to the Dubai Marina. The first competitive swim opportunity of the year had finally arrived, and this was my chance to put my months of training to the test. The event was the Zoggs Mina Mile, a multi-date race series offering 400m, 800m, and 1 mile distances. I went all the way for the mile, my first open-water swim of that length.

  6. Desert Camping Trip Fosters Freshman Class Bonds

    Desert Camping Trip Fosters Freshman Class Bonds

    Guest Post: Zoe Hu, NYUAD Class of 2016.

    Many of us expected the desert camping trip to be nothing more than an escape — a quick getaway from the arctic air-conditioning of Sama Tower and the miniature mountains of homework that awaited us inside. Instead, what we got was a portal to the past. The campsite set-up was so similar to that of our Candidate Weekend desert outing, it was hard not to be brought back to a time when we were all high school seniors wading through the anxiety of the college application process.

  7. Turkey, Community, and Reflections on Thanksgiving

    The Thanksgiving weekend again filled the ovens of Sama Tower with turkeys, pumpkin pies, and a number of more unorthodox creations. The weekend also provided an opportunity for students to reflect on their tight communities at home and their new "families" in Abu Dhabi. Junior Harrison Tan said, "Thanksgiving was a time to reflect on how the many friends you've made here at NYU Abu Dhabi have become a family — how Sama has truly become a home away from home — all over a hearty meal and easy banter."

  8. NYUAD Student Travels to Bangkok for 'Karaoke Girl' Post-Production Apprenticeship

    NYUAD Student Travels to Bangkok for 'Karaoke Girl' Post-Production Apprenticeship

    By Prangphisut (Fah) Daengdej, NYUAD Class of 2015

    "This scene looks a little too dark, don't you think?"
    "Yes, add some vignetting and make that orange wall blue."

  9. NYUAD Celebrates the Festival of Lights

    Diwali celebrations again lit up NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus. After the pooja prayer was read, the community came together for a festive night of ritual, scrumptious food, and music. The highlight, however, was arguably the smorgasbord of dances that were performed. Students choreographed and performed a Bollywood routine with all the passion that Bollywood demands, dancers from the Indian Embassy also performed dances from various regions in India, and finally, the night ended with furious freestyle dancing, amazingly uninhibited by curry-filled stomachs.

  10. 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' in Abu Dhabi

    'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' in Abu Dhabi

    In theatrical terms, it was the antithesis of Broadway. No Robin Williams, no manicured sets, and no elaborate costumes. Yet the raw emotion of the staged reading of Rajiv Joseph's Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by nine NYU Abu Dhabi students demonstrated just why the play was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

  11. Abu Dhabi Art Attracts Cohort of NYUAD Students

    Abu Dhabi Art Attracts Cohort of NYUAD Students

    In its fourth year, Abu Dhabi Art, which was recently held at Manarat al Saadiyat and in the neighboring UAE Pavilion, showed why it is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated art fairs in the region. This year, 50 local and international galleries exhibited their work, accompanied by a host of workshops, performances, interviews, and discussions, including one with architectural superstars Frank Gehry, Lord Norman Foster, and Jean Nouvel, whose designs for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the Zayed National Museum, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, respectively, will soon — along with NYUAD's campus — form the centerpieces of Saadiyat Island's architectural landscape.

  12. NYUAD Holds First Inter-university Debate

    NYUAD Holds First Inter-university Debate

    Just a few weeks after the transformation of the University's multipurpose room into a dreamscape for its most recent theater production, the room was again the scene of a series of impassioned performances. This past Friday, NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed its first inter-university debate event with a series of debates about social media, censorship, and privacy, during which the NYUAD teams competed against those from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The fact that the debates were non-competitive did little to take the edge off some heated exchanges.

  13. NYUAD Sophomore to Exhibit at Chile's National Museum for Memory and Human Rights

    For NYUAD sophomore Nikolai Kozak, creating bridges between the social sciences and the arts is an interesting way of addressing heavy and complex topics — topics like the Chilean dictatorship, which is the theme of Kozak's Memoria 35000 art project. Named for the 35,000 cases of human rights abuses that occurred during the dictatorship (which took place from 1973 to 1990), the project has been accepted for exhibition in Chile's National Museum for Memory and Human Rights.

  14. NYUAD Students Head to Dubai for World Energy Forum

    NYUAD Students Head to Dubai for World Energy Forum

    Guest Post: Tom Taylor (NYUAD Class of 2014); Andres Fernandez, Benjamin Jance, Sachi Leith, and Rory McDougall (NYUAD Class of 2015); and Clara Bicalho and Luis Morales Navarro (NYUAD Class of 2016).

    Looking forward to discussing issues related to energy production and policy frameworks that will enable the long-term goal of energy for all from sustainable energy sources, seven NYUAD students recently attended the World Energy Forum 2012 in Dubai. Held from October 22 to 24, the conference was attended by dozens of heads of state as well as experts in the field who led panel discussions on a wide range of issues. The Forum was unique this year as it was hosted outside the UN's New York headquarters for the first time.

  15. 2012-11-01_Life-of-Pi

    Abu Dhabi Reads Life of Pi

    Guest Post: Sachi Leith, Class of 2015.

    All too often in a university setting, reading is considered a chore. When asked about their workloads, many students will shake their heads and groan, "Ugh. I have so much reading." Even when a reading is absolutely fascinating, it still counts as work. Abu Dhabi Reads, however, aims to change that. The project sprang from a desire to reclaim reading as something enjoyable, accessible, and collective.

  16. Theater Mitu Performs A Dream Play

    Theater Mitu Performs A Dream Play

    “The most powerful thing Rubén transmits, is that he eliminates this fear of the impossible,” Gabriel Burgazzi Rodriguez (Class of 2014) said as he described how Theater Mitu’s third professional production at NYUAD, A Dream Play, came to life. Indeed, portraying the surreal and ethereal experience of a dream through the medium of theater may seem daunting to some, but for Rubén Polendo — director of the New York and Abu Dhabi-based performance company Theater Mitu, and head of NYUAD’s Theater Program — Arthur Strindberg’s expressionist piece presented an ideal opportunity to apply the company’s “whole theater” approach. Characterized by the incorporation of a range of global performance traditions, Theater Mitu defines whole theater as “a theatrical experience that is rigorously visual, aural, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual all in the same moment.”

  17. Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    This past weekend, 18 NYUAD students got a taste of local culture by staying with Emirati host families in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai, where they participated in a range of cultural activities such as shopping for local dress and taking a trip into the desert. Theo Patrick Ntawiheba (Class of 2016) explains what he learned from the experience.

  18. Varsity Dragon Boat Team Wins First Competition of the Season

    Guest Post: Luis Pazos Clemens, Class of 2016.

    Earlier this month, the NYUAD Dragon Boat team participated in the first race of the season. After training hard for a month, the reigning varsity champions and a new junior varsity team were ready to compete against teams from across Abu Dhabi. We jumped into the buses and headed to the Shangri-La Hotel, which had an atmosphere  that suited the event perfectly; we walked into a beach party with music, food, beach volleyball, and of course the races at the center of it all.

  19. NYUAD Institute and ADMAF Announce Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award

    Earlier this week, legendary artist Christo unveiled the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award, an annual grant from the NYUAD Institute and the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation designed to encourage and inspire creativity in the UAE, The National reported. Open to current students of higher education in the UAE and those who have graduated within the past five years, the award will contribute up to USD 5,000 to the creation of the chosen student's proposed artwork, and will support the exhibition of the work at different locations.

  20. NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    As part of NYUAD's recent Shyam Benegal Retrospective, students from NYUAD and Zayed University (ZU) participated in a two-hour master class with the legendary filmmaker, whose approximately 24 narrative features, 42 documentaries, and four television series have won him international recognition. Benegal's work is praised not only for its artistry, but also for its political commitment to imagining a better world by addressing often overlooked social issues in responsible ways.

  21. NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    With the Abu Dhabi Film Festival just around the corner, legendary filmmaker Shyam Benegal recently visited NYUAD as part of a weekend-long retrospective. During the event, students, faculty, and staff joined the Indian community to hear Benegal speak on secularism in Indian cinema; attend a public lecture by Dr. Anuradha Needham, Donald R. Longman professor of English and Chair at Oberlin College, on Benegal's films; and screen Benegal's trilogy, "Muslim women" films — Mammo (1994), Sardari Begum (1996), and Zubeidaa (2001).

  22. Trio Chicago and Friends Visits NYUAD

    Trio Chicago and Friends Visits NYUAD

    Guest Post: Cristóbal Martinez, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    During a recent visit from Trio Chicago and Friends, an American music ensemble dedicated to travelling the world as cultural ambassadors, the NYUAD community enjoyed a slice of Americana. As part of a series of concerts in the UAE, the group performed the music of famous US composers such as George Gershwin, Scott Joplin, and Aaron Copland.

  23. Opportunities Abound at NYUAD's Internship Fairs

    Dressed in their best and armed with a list of potential employers, NYUAD students enthusiastically canvassed the Internship and Opportunities Fairs that were recently hosted on the University campus. Held by the NYUAD Career Development Center, the Opportunities Fair focused on off-campus internship positions at local organizations, while the Internship Fair featured on-campus openings.

  24. My Summer as an Intern at the Clinton Foundation

    My Summer as an Intern at the Clinton Foundation

    Guest Post: Caroline Manela, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    The night before my internship orientation at the Clinton Foundation, I was skimming over President Clinton's Wikipedia page and organization's website (just in case there was a pop quiz) when I realized I didn't know what to wear the next day. I panicked: "What if everyone wears a suit? I don't have a suit! Should I have a suit? I don't want a suit!" I assured myself that orientation was a casual affair and decided on a skirt and blouse. The next day I sat through five hours of orientation in a room of 90 interns in dry-cleaned and ironed suits and ties. Needless to say, I went shopping that weekend.

  25. After Marhaba, NYUAD's Class of 2016 Reflects

    After Marhaba, NYUAD's Class of 2016 Reflects

    Now that the Marhaba festivities have drawn to a close, the school year has begun, and the new freshman class is beginning to settle into University life, Salaam asked a few members of the Class of 2016 to reflect on their first week at NYUAD, how they felt before arriving on campus, what their favorite experiences have been thus far, and what they look forward to in the coming academic year.

  26. NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    "If you asked me during the fall of my senior year where I'd be 12 months from then, I never would have imagined myself more than 8,000 miles away from home, studying at a small, start-up university in the Middle East," writes Emma McGee (Class of 2015) in Sonoma News. The NYUAD sophomore, who graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in California and recently shared her University experience with the publication, writes about discovering NYUAD, the excitement and opportunities that defined her freshman year, and her summer internship in rural Ecuador.

  27. My Summer as an Intern at AECOM

    By Asad Ali, NYUAD Class of 2014

    An email from NYUAD's Career Development Center during the spring 2012 semester informed me that I'd been awarded a summer internship — I was to spend two months in Abu Dhabi working for AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services in markets including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water, and government.

  28. NYUAD's Class of 2016 Enjoys Marhaba Activities

    In the week before the fall semester began, the Class of 2016 took part in a variety of Marhaba events and activities, from introductions and discussions to dinners and outings.

  29. NYUAD Welcomes Class of 2016

    NYUAD Welcomes Class of 2016

    "The impressive diversity and academic record of NYU Abu Dhabi's third undergraduate class is a clear indication that the concept and ideals of NYU's global network university is one that resonates strongly with today's students," said NYU President John Sexton. "The academic rigor of NYUAD's liberal arts education, coupled with the intrinsic draw of NYU's global network, continues to attract to Abu Dhabi some of the brightest young minds from around the world."

  30. My Summer as an Intern at Ernst & Young

    My Summer as an Intern at Ernst & Young

    Guest Post: Besik Turazashvili, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    I began researching this year's summer internship opportunities in December of 2011, as I wanted to find a position that would contribute significantly toward my major and my interests, and make me more specialized in the fields of economics and marketing. I applied to a variety of positions and among those I was offered were opportunities in Paris, Moscow, and Buenos Aires; but I made the choice to spend this summer in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I was a legal & tax service assistant and marketing and PR manager at Ernst & Young (E&Y), one of the world's largest audit companies.

  31. My Summer as an Intern at the CMEC

    My Summer as an Intern at the CMEC

    Guest Post: Rory McDougall, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    The 10 weeks I spent as an intern at the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) in London this summer not only provided a fascinating experience, but also gave me my first insight into national politics in the UK. Margaret Thatcher founded the CMEC in the early 80s to ensure that Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) and Lords understood the complex issues in the Middle East. In order to achieve this, the CMEC organizes frequent delegations to the region and arranges foreign policy experts to meet parliamentarians.

  32. NYUAD Students Raise more than AED 50,000 for Operation Smile UAE

    NYUAD Students Raise more than AED 50,000 for Operation Smile UAE

    NYUAD sophomores Dmitriy Tretyakov and Vivek Mukherjee have embraced the spirit of charity during the holy month of Ramadan by successfully organizing a fundraising iftar for Operation Smile UAE, a non-profit organization that provides free corrective surgeries for children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. More than 150 people attended the iftar at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai on July 26, which was organized and managed entirely by the students. Guests at the event were treated to entertainment from the distinguished oud player Nina Boutchakjian and American-Iranian spiritual poet Bahareh Amidi, who wrote a special poem dedicated to the event.

  33. A Year in Review

    May 16 marked the final day of spring semester. Here, in photos, are just a few of the activities and events in which the students took part this year.

  34. tri-yas

    NYUAD Participates in Tri Yas for Second Year Running

    Abu Dhabi's world-class Yas Marina Formula One Grand Prix circuit was recently packed by crowded onlookers, this time cheering on the world's best racing machines in the Tri Yas 2012, which took place in April.

  35. interclassico

    Freshman Team Wins NYUAD's First InterCLASSico Cup

    Guest Post: Mohit Mandal, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    Just a few days after a Ronaldo-inspired Real Madrid victory over Barcelona that brought the team one step closer to clinching Spain’s La Liga title, the footballers at NYUAD took to the field for a Clásico of their own — minus all the hair gel. At Abu Dhabi's Zayed Sports City (where the crowds attending a coinciding regional cup final were momentarily mistaken by a few students as fans of the NYUAD team), the night had all the makings of an occasion to be remembered. Over the course of 90 minutes, the Class of 2014 and the Class of 2015 battled it out for the right to be crowned the champions of the University’s very first interCLASSico Cup. The prize? Unparalleled glory (and a shiny trophy to boot).

  36. NYUAD Students Join Local Poet in Earth Day Poetry and Music Recital

    Guest Post: Sachi Leith, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    “Who’s going to go home and fall in love tonight?” laughed Bahareh Amidi, the UAE-based American-Iranian poet featured at NYUAD’s Earth Day reading, after the conclusion of a student piece. “I certainly am going to. You can tell we are around the energy of university students. This is beautiful, just beautiful.”

  37. NYUAD Explores Future Collaboration with Ajman’s “Green Sheikh”

    H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi of Ajman, also known as "the Green Sheikh," visited NYUAD this week. In addition to taking a tour of the Downtown Campus, he met with 17 students, faculty, and staff members to brainstorm ideas for future collaboration.

  38. NYUAD Team Takes First Place in 2012 Dubai Dragon Boat Festival

    Guest Post: Norina Miszori, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    Earlier this month, the members of the NYUAD Dragon Boat team rose from their beds, heavy from the previous night's carb-bombs at the University's first pep rally, anticipating the championship race that lay ahead. Coach Mike had asked us to load up on carbohydrates for three days before the race, and we did not disappoint him.

  39. Doha Debates Representatives Visit NYUAD

    "This House believes women will be worse off after the Arab revolutions."
    "This House believes for the sake of democracy Egypt should postpone elections."
    "This House believes Turkey is a bad model for the new Arab states."

    These are just a few of the current events topics that have been discussed on the Doha Debates, a Qatar Foundation project aired to an international audience via BBC World News. The series, which is currently in its eighth season, has developed a reputation for initiating public dialogue on a range of challenging and timely topics in the Arab world, visiting representatives said during an interactive information session at NYUAD.

  40. NYU CAS Scholars Visit NYUAD

    Joining their fellow NYUNYers — in Abu Dhabi studying away for the spring 2012 semester — 19 Presidential Scholars from NYU's College of Arts and Science (CAS) recently traveled to the UAE. One of seven NYU destinations offered to the Scholars for spring break travel, NYUAD welcomed the students for the very first time. "Our sophomore Scholars routinely take trips to study-away sites during spring break," said Bryan Waterman, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in the NYUNY English department, and an advisor to a group of sophomore Presidential Scholars, "but this is the first year that the Abu Dhabi campus has been one of the options they had to choose from."

  41. NYUAD Student Featured in the International Herald Tribune

    The arrival of NYU in Abu Dhabi offered an ideal solution for NYUAD freshman Shaikha Al Falasi, who initially felt conflicted between the decision of remaining close to her family in the UAE and pursuing her undergraduate degree at a world-leading academic institution, according to today's article in the International Herald Tribune.

  42. NYUAD Students Stage The Ramayana

    Earlier this month, members of the NYUAD and local communities gathered at Abu Dhabi's Manarat al Saadiyat to witness the University's first student-led production on the very island that will soon house NYU's permanent campus in the region. Directed by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, this production of The Ramayana was a collaboration between professionals from Polendo's own Theater Mitu, the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the Saadiyat Cultural District, and "more than 50 students working on this production as actors, assistant designers, producers, managers, crew, documentarians, and dramaturges," Polendo said.

  43. NYUAD Mascot Unveiled

    The student body has voted. And the NYUAD mascot is…the Desert Falcons! One of 31 choices on the ballot, the winning entry was submitted by sophomore Rafael Scharan. "I chose to enter 'Desert Falcons' as a potential mascot because I wanted something that would reflect the unique identity of NYUAD and of our host country, and at the same time evoke qualities worthy of competitive and respectable sports teams," he said.

  44. NYUAD Students Run Dead2Red, Win Best International Team

    Guest Post: Amy Rosenberg, NYUAD Resident Advisor, NYU Class of 2013.

    URGENT DEAD TO RED: Please note that the weather in Jordan seems to have turned for the worse, so expect wet and cold weather. Please make sure you pack appropriately.

    Less than 12 hours before 10 NYUAD students and four staff members headed to Jordan to run 242 kilometers from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, the above email came in. Apparently, the team would not only be running nonstop all night, living on trail mix, and using the desert as a bathroom, but now there would also be snow, rain, and wind. All the perfect makings of an adventure, right?

  45. Three NYUAD Students Place in Emirates Airline Literature Festival Writing Competitions

    Just six hours before the deadline for entering the Emirates Airline Literature Festival's writing competitions, a group of NYUAD students had just completed a roundtable peer-review writing workshop, collaboratively crafting their works to focus on the experience of their readers. Held by the University's Academic Resource Center (ARC), the discussion involved the winning entrants of two of the ARC's recent writing contests, three of who then submitted their work to the festival just before the deadline and walked away with a prize. Mohit Mandal (NYUAD '15) won first place in the Oxford University Press Story Writing Competition, and Jorge Zárate (NYUAD '14) and Cristóbal Martinez Yanes (NYUAD '15) placed first and third, respectively, in the Taleem Poetry Competition.

  46. The National Highlights NYUAD's Upcoming Production of The Ramayana

    In anticipation of the curtains being raised for tomorrow's premier of the NYUAD production of The Ramayana — an ancient Sanskrit epic adapted for the stage by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo — The National's Maey El Shoush spoke to Polendo and a couple of the participating students about the production.

  47. NYUAD Students Participate in Scuba Diving, A Walk for Education, and More

    During the month of February, NYUAD students took part in a variety of activities and events. Check them out in the photo gallery.

  48. Five NYUAD Teams Run the Wadi Bih

    Guest Post: Jamie Sutherland, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    Final preparations began the afternoon before the Wadi Bih race. Assembling in the NYUAD dining hall, trays stacked with burgers and pasta, runners signed the necessary forms and carbo-loaded while listening to pre-departure speeches by NYUAD coaches Wayne Young and Peter Dicce. There wasn't much in the way of tension — there was still a four-hour drive to Oman to contemplate the race — and, sitting with my teammates, the Wadi Bih run seemed like it was miles away. It wasn't until we woke up the next morning and started running that we realized just how many miles that was.

  49. gin-conference

    GIN Conference Moves Students to Engage and Respond

    With the purpose of motivating students to explore issues of global scale, the Global Issues Network Conference was recently hosted by Abu Dhabi's American Community School (ACS). During the three-day event, students from around the world met to discuss, explore, and debate resolutions to worldwide challenges such as climate change, human rights, world poverty, and urbanization. Although the Global Issues Network has been organizing conferences throughout the world since 2007, last year's conference at ACS was the first of its kind in the Middle East. And this year's event aimed to not only build on the momentum of last year's conference, but also encourage greater participation from and impact on the Abu Dhabi community.

  50. NYUAD Varsity Football Goes Head to Head in India

    Guest Post: Abhishek Mehra, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    The end of NYU Abu Dhabi's second successful January Term saw 17 students, three coaches, and two support members travel to India to represent the NYUAD Varsity Football team in friendly matches against the country's best educational institutions. In an attempt to carry on the legacy of building sportsmanship while exploring new cultures — originally initiated by the University's inaugural class with its trip to Qatar in January 2011 — the team experienced four days of victory and defeat, not only deepening the familial bond amongst the players, but also connecting through sport a team comprised of 10 nationalities to players belonging to one of the most diverse nations in the world.

  51. Exploring the UAE and the Region During J-Term in Abu Dhabi

    This J-Term, students taking courses in Abu Dhabi not only hit the books, but also hit the road! In addition to three regional trips to Sri Lanka, India, and Qatar, professors led their classes on a variety of field trips to multiple locations within the UAE. Enrolled in just one course, students were able to completely immerse themselves in the subject at hand. And professors used the opportunity to organize real-world experiences that allowed the students to explore what they had already learned on paper.

  52. Journeying Abroad for J-Term

    After briefly returning to their home countries for winter break, many NYUAD students spent their intense three-week January courses — colloquially known as J-Terms — scattered throughout NYU's global sites in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, New York, Florence, and London. The courses available were as diverse as their settings, with classes on offer that ranged from The Social Life of Finance in Buenos Aires to Wealth and Inequality in New York.

  53. Diary of an HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship Volunteer

    Guest Post: Henry Bradley, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    As the sole NYUAD student volunteer for day one of the annual HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, I ventured out to the splendid Abu Dhabi Golf Club at 5:30am on January 26 to join my fellow golf enthusiasts in providing support to the film crews covering the event. Having dragged myself out of bed on my day off to watch some men hit a ball around a field into a hole, I was thrilled to learn that the "men" included the four highest-ranking professional golfers in the world, and six out of the top ten.

  54. NYUAD Receives Record Number of Applications for Class of 2016

    Far surpassing even last year's record numbers, freshman applications for NYUAD's Class of 2016 totaled 15,489 — compared with 5,854 for the Class of 2015 — with applicants vying for approximately 150 spots.

    For the first time, this year's applicants, applying to both NYU New York and NYUAD, had the option of selecting one campus as their "primary" choice and the other as their "alternate" choice. Of the total number of applicants, 2,454 chose the Abu Dhabi campus as their primary choice — more than double the number from the prior year (1,184), when applicants could apply directly to NYUAD or, when applying to NYUNY, ask to be considered for admission to NYUAD — and 13,035 applied to the campus as their alternate choice.

    It was also another record year for NYU's global network in general, with a total of 43,728 students applying for spots in NYU's Class of 2016 across the New York and Abu Dhabi campuses, exceeding last year's record 42,242 applications.

  55. NYUAD Freshman Addresses Jordanian Law in The National

    Joining the growing list of NYUAD students and faculty to pen comments for The National Conversation, the online opinion section of The National, freshman Nour AlGharibeh recently submitted a piece, published on Monday, that addresses Jordanian citizenship law, namely, the refusal to allow children of Jordanian mothers to become citizens regardless of the father's nationality.

  56. nyu-madrigal

    NYU Madrigal Singers and Jazz Choir Visit the UAE

    The first group of NYU New York students to travel to Abu Dhabi this year, the members of the NYU Madrigal Singers and Jazz Choir touched down earlier this month to give a series of performances. Initially invited to the UAE by United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) associate professor James Mirrione, the ensembles performed in Al Ain, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, presenting concerts at UAEU and the Bawadi Mall in Al Ain, the American University at Sharjah, and at NYUAD. The purpose? "So that Mirrione's students — both women and men on separate campuses — could be exposed to different genres of choral singing," said Nancy Shankman, adjunct assistant professor and graduate adviser in the Music Education Program at NYU Steinhardt.

  57. Campus16

    NYUAD Sophomore Presents University's First Peer-Reviewed Paper

    For most NYUAD students, winter break was a time to relax, visit with friends and family, and prepare for J-Term courses. For sophomore Songyishu Yang, however, it also included a trip to Tunisia. The first NYUAD student to have a peer-reviewed paper accepted for presentation, Yang traveled to Hammamet in late-December to take part in the third International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC). During the three-day event, which provides a forum for researchers and practitioners around the world to discuss recent developments in the fields of renewable energy, 115 participants from 32 countries gathered to attend a variety of sessions with scopes ranging from sustainability and energy sources (wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, hybrid, biomass, hydraulic, and nuclear) to environmental forecasting, policies, and regulation.