Holistic Approach to Wellness

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mind and body. Whether a student needs care for an illness or injury, wants a routine check-up, or is having issues with sleeping, eating, or general adjustment while away from home, we have them covered.

The NYU Abu Dhabi Health and Wellness Center is a fully accredited, on-campus health care facility committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, student-centered health care and wellness services for all currently registered NYUAD students.

The Al Manara pharmacy is conveniently located on campus, and is open to the NYUAD community and members of the public.

Health and Wellness Center

Multidisciplinary Staff

A multidisciplinary staff comprised of physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, clinical social workers, and administrative and technical personnel provide a comprehensive array of services.

The Health and Wellness Center offers confidential counseling services. Unlike most doctors, counselors don't give specific advice or tell students what to do. Instead they serve as skilled listeners who help clarify issues, discover students' true wishes and feelings, and deal effectively with problems.

Emergencies and After-hours Crisis Response

The Health and Wellness team is dedicated to assist students in dealing with a crisis, coordination of care, counseling, and follow up.

Global Health Insurance Plan for Undergraduates

As part of the NYUAD program, all students are enrolled in a global health insurance plan through GeoBlue as well as a local plan through Oman Insurance Company (OIC). All of these plans provide students with direct access to medical and mental health services in the event the student requires care while in Abu Dhabi (OIC) or while traveling/studying abroad (GeoBlue). Learn more about NYUAD Student Health Insurance.