NYU Abu Dhabi students are among the most talented in the world. They bring an astounding range of interests and skills to a richly diverse and exciting undergraduate experience. They are students who engage the examination and shaping of thought with passion and rigor. They are students who strive to make their own mark on a more knowledgeable, productive, responsible, just, and peaceful globe.

Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi

The Class of 2020

Experience NYU Abu Dhabi Marhaba Week through the eyes of freshman Jack Adeney, Class of 2020.

NYUAD Class of 2020

Welcome, Class of 2020!

Marhaba (welcome in Arabic) to NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2020. Where are you from? Who's your roommate? What did you bring?

The Class of 2019

Lama Ahmad (Class of 2019)

I was really drawn to the small class sizes at NYU Abu Dhabi and knowing my professors personally. I see them walking around campus, even in the dining hall, and they recognize me and know me by name! It’s a great feeling.

Lama Ahmad, Class of 2019
Theros Yin Man Wong (Class of 2019)

My roommates are from Japan, Rwanda, and Albania. It is amazing how we come from vastly different cultures but our living habits are very similar.

Theros Yin Man Wong, Class of 2019

My roommates are from China, UK, and Indonesia, which is amazing because Indonesia and China are two countries I really want to visit.

Ella Noll (Class of 2019)

My perfect day is to wake up (on time) for breakfast in the dining hall. Go to class and understand all the readings. Get lunch with friends then spend some time around the beach on the Corniche. Grab shawarma somewhere in the city and come back to campus to study with friends in the amazing library.

Ella Noll, Class of 2019

The Class of 2018

Rafal Cierlica (Class of 2018)

NYU Abu Dhabi professors are the perfect combination of professional and chummy.

Rafal Cierlica, Class of 2018
Hayat Al Hassan (Class of 2018)

NYUAD students get to enjoy so many great food places in Abu Dhabi. I love Lebanese Flower and of course the classic Indian favorite El Ekram. Students love it!

Hayat Al Hassan, Class of 2018
Tyler Headley, Class of 2018

Everyone wants to be treated with dignity. “If you are humble and speak from the heart, people will let you in. Empathy is so important; it levels the playing field.”

Tyler Headley, Class of 2018
Kate Melville-Rea, Class of 2018

My roommates are from Serbia, Mexico, and the Philippines. We purposefully chose each other so that we’d all come from a different continent.

Kate Melville-Rea, Class of 2018

The Class of 2017

Sophie Arni

After a while, you begin to understand that cultural differences are still the consequence of a single humanity. You become a global citizen when you start believing in the human race.

Sophie Arni, Class of 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
Witold Passerat de la Chapelle

There’s arguably no better place to truly take action in order to  aid developing countries than NYU Abu Dhabi. The limitless facilities, experience of the faculty, and students who are all eager to change the world provide the ideal foundation for development projects.

Witold Passerat de la Chapelle, Class of 2017, Poznan, Poland
Dubai A. Abulhoul

I believe that creativity is the key to a better future because it allows you to think outside the box and expand your horizons.

Dubai A. Abulhoul, Class of 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Christopher Luwanga

Unless you are proud of who you are, you won’t be able to achieve big things in life. It all starts with knowing where you come from.

Christopher Luwanga, Class of 2017, Kasungu, Malawi

The Class of 2020

NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2020: International Diversity and Multicultural Character

"International Diversity and Multicultural Character"

323 students, 76 nationalities, speaking some 70 languages. This is NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2020.

The Class of 2019

Class of 2019: "Unique Energy and Diverse Perspective"

"Unique Energy and Diverse Perspective"

299 students. 85 nationalities. 75 languages spoken. This is NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2019.

Video: Student Summer Research

From Abu Dhabi to Gran Sasso

Several students traveled to Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy in the effort to understand dark matter. Watch the video.

Alumni Stories

Former economics major and Rhodes Scholar, Shamma Al Mazrui (Class of 2014) has landed one of the UAE's top jobs — Minister of State for Youth and Chair of the UAE National Youth Council

NYUAD graduates are working and studying all over the globe. Former economics major and Rhodes Scholar, Shamma Al Mazrui (Class of 2014) landed one of the UAE's top jobs — Minister of State for Youth and Chair of the UAE National Youth Council.


#myNYUAD: "Home away from home." --Tanya B.

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