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Globalization can appear to be automatic — the effect of economic and historical forces beyond anyone's control — but this does not mean that the virtues required to thrive and lead in a global world come automatically. It is these qualities — empathy and the ability to think across cultural boundaries; the fortitude to lead in a climate of uncertainty; an all-embracing sense of adventure; and the creativity to re-imagine not just solutions, but a complete vision — that NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to develop to the utmost degree in its students.

The students listed to the right are part of the NYUAD community because they already exemplify these virtues while exhibiting extraordinary potential to develop them even further. Click on the students' names to read their stories.

Student Profile Statistics 

 Class of 2014Class of 2015Class of 2016
Class size*148161151
Number of countries of origin406065
Languages spoken435551
SAT – Math – 25th/75th
SAT – Critical Reading –
25th/75th percentile
Total applications – dual
9,048 (957)
5,858 (1,222)
15,520 (2,470)
Total applicants admitted189195208

* Total number of students beginning academic year

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