More Than Just Requirements

One of the strengths of a liberal arts curriculum is that it can be different for each student. NYUAD students choose from a diverse set of majors that spans the breadth of human knowledge. All of the majors that NYUAD offers have multiple elective options, providing additional flexibility. And while the NYUAD core curriculum requires that every student explore some specific areas of thought, the variety of courses that meet those core requirements is vast. In addition, the required Capstone project provides students with the opportunity to explore virtually any topic in their major or multidisciplinary concentration. The possibilities there are almost endless.

Exploring Options and Choosing a Major

One of the great benefits of a liberal arts education is that students don't have to know what they want to study when they begin their first year. At NYU Abu Dhabi, students are encouraged to explore the curriculum before committing to one major, and to consider several approaches to the course selection process. To facilitate this exploration, grades earned in the first year are not shown on the student's official transcript and are not included in the student's official grade point average. This helps to create a safe environment where students can choose courses outside their normal comfort zone without excessive pressure to earn high grades.

NYUAD Students in the DTC Library

Planning With a Postgraduate Career in Mind

Most students with the academic credentials of those admitted to NYUAD will continue with their education beyond the undergraduate level. Students who have a particular graduate degree in mind are encouraged to investigate the expectations and requirements of a handful of the top graduate programs. Most graduate programs do not require students to major in the corresponding subject at the undergraduate level, and many graduate schools will even recommend that students major in a different field. This is true in even the most technical fields.

Help Along the Way

Academic mentoring is designed to help students make the most of the many options associated with their academic experience at NYU Abu Dhabi. Pre-major mentors work with incoming students during their first two years. Upon declaring an academic major (typically in the spring semester of the second year), students will be assigned a new mentor from the discipline in which they are majoring. Students will have many opportunities to connect with their academic mentors at various points as they think through the plentiful options at NYU Abu Dhabi. The first of these occurs even before students arrive on campus, when they meet with their pre-major mentor via phone over the summer to select first semester courses.