Computer Coursework

Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship in Computer Science
with the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

In a unique collaboration, the NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science (GSAS), the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the Computer Science program at NYU Abu Dhabi invite applications for the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship in Computer Science.

Participating students are enrolled in the GSAS Computer Science Ph.D. program in the Courtant Institute; undertake classes in New York; and conduct their doctoral research in Abu Dhabi.

The main features of this Fellowship are as follows:

  • NYU degree upon graduation
  • Graduate coursework at GSAS in New York
  • Access to the Courant Institute's extraordinary resources
  • Cutting-edge research opportunities in one of the NYU Abu Dhabi labs
  • Tuition, fees, and health insurance provided by NYUAD throughout doctoral studies
  • Competitive research assistantship and stipend
  • Degree-related travel between Abu Dhabi and New York
  • Campus accommodation at no cost in Abu Dhabi
  • A contribution towards accommodation costs in New York
  • Career development assistance at NYU Abu Dhabi

More information can be found on the NYUAD Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship page.

How to Apply

Computer Science candidates apply using the standard GSAS online application for admission to the Computer Science Ph.D. program. There is no separate application for the NYUAD Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship. Applicants can indicate their interest in conducting research at NYUAD in their Ph.D. application to GSAS; doing so will not preclude applicants from consideration for the New York-only program.

Visit the GSAS Application Resource Center for more information on how to apply.

The GSAS application deadline for Fall 2017 admission to the Ph.D. in Computer Science was December 12, 2016. Applications are only accepted for the Fall semester. We anticipate applications for Fall 2018 to open in autumn 2017, with a submission deadline in December 2017.

Fellowship Structure

Global Ph.D. Students complete all degree requirements set by GSAS and the NYU Computer Science Department. The following is a typical degree sequence, but each student’s course of study will be determined in consultation with his or her faculty advisor and the department’s Director of Graduate Studies.

Term Sequence, Locations, and Degree Phases
Pre-Departure: Home Country
Students obtain their U.S. student visas before arriving in Abu Dhabi, if applicable.
Summer 1 in Abu Dhabi: Familiarization & UAE Visa
Before starting classes in New York, students spend 4-6 weeks in Abu Dhabi to obtain their UAE visas and familiarize themselves with the campus, labs, and advisors.
Year 1 in New York: Coursework
Students undertake their coursework with the Computer Science Department in New York.
J-Term and Summer Term in Abu Dhabi: Research
When pursuing coursework, students return to Abu Dhabi during the January and summer terms, to maintain their UAE residency status and continue research.
Year 2 in New York or Abu Dhabi: Coursework or Research
Students finalize coursework and exams in New York, or pursue research in Abu Dhabi as needed.
Completion of Thesis in Abu Dhabi: Research & Dissertation
Students prepare their dissertations in Abu Dhabi under their advisor's direction.
Dissertation Defense in New York or Abu Dhabi
Defense location will depend upon committee makeup and any departmental requirements.

Computer Science & Engineering

Interested in studying Computer Science at the doctoral level? NYU Abu Dhabi offers the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship in two related areas:

We recommend familiarizing yourself with both NYU Ph.D. programs, to determine which may be the right fit for you.