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NYUAD Global Ph.D. Student Fellowships in the Sciences

Available in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics

Through a collaboration between NYU Abu Dhabi and the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship is available for doctoral students in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics to pursue full-time research in Abu Dhabi.

Global Ph.D. Students take classes in New York and pursue dissertation research in Abu Dhabi's cutting-edge laboratories. This is a remarkable way for exceptional graduate students to study in two dynamic cities, with superb faculty, and earn a Ph.D. from a major research university. On successful completion of their program, students receive Ph.D.s from NYU.

The NYU Biology doctoral program is vibrant and collegial, with unusually strong interactions between and among faculty and students. A unifying goal of NYU Biology research is to understand the basic molecular mechanisms that control the behaviors of cells, the forms of organisms, and the evolutionary relationships between species. This knowledge is critical for understanding interactions between organisms at all ecological scales, and for designing cures for human diseases.

The essence of the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at NYU is the student’s research experience. The requirements leading up to the Ph.D. degree train students in fundamental concepts, oral presentation skills, scientific reasoning, design of experiments and/or theoretical models, and writing technical papers and reports. The overarching goal of the student’s graduate training is the achievement of research excellence in a chosen sub-discipline of chemistry.

Students who receive a Computer Science Ph.D. from NYU's renowned Courant Institute are in a position to hold faculty appointments, conduct high-performing research, and innovative development work at the forefront of this rapidly changing and expanding field.

The Ph.D. program in Physics is aimed at enabling a student to carry out research at the frontier of knowledge, and certifying the student's mastery of a traditional body of principles and techniques generally considered to be an essential part of a research physicist's training. Depth and breadth within the larger context of contemporary Physics are promoted by a flexible set of course requirements.

Applications for Fall 2017 are now closed, but please follow the links to the right for more information on each discipline, and how to apply for admission in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, or Physics. We anticipate applications for Fall 2018 to open in autumn 2017, with submission deadlines in December 2017.

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