The NYUAD Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship

Students who would like to undertake doctoral research in biology, chemistry, and engineering with NYU Abu Dhabi faculty may do so through the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship. The Fellowship is a collaboration between NYU Abu Dhabi, the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), and the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering (NYU-Poly).

Students who receive the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship complete graduate coursework with their home NYU departments in New York, and then spend subsequent years working with NYUAD faculty members in Abu Dhabi.

Prospective Ph.D. students in biology and chemistry apply through the standard NYU GSAS admissions process, while engineering students apply to the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. There is no separate application for the fellowship; any applicant expressing interest in undertaking the research phase of the Ph.D. with NYUAD faculty will be considered.

Ph.D. application deadlines are set by each GSAS or NYU-Poly department. Applications will be reviewed by joint committees of faculty from NYUAD and GSAS or NYU-Poly. All graduation requirements will follow those of the New York department.

Successful applicants will be offered admission to the Ph.D. program by GSAS or NYU-Poly, and fellowship offers will be extended by NYUAD. The fellowship selection timeline differs by area of study, so be sure to follow the links below for each discipline.

Fellowship Structure

Global Ph.D. Students complete all degree requirements set by their NYU home departments. The following is a typical sequence, but each student's course of study will be determined in consultation with his or her faculty advisor and the department's Director of Graduate Studies. Please see our Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering pages for discipline-specific information.

Term Sequence, Locations, and Degree Phases
Coursework in New York
Students complete their coursework requirements at their home departments in New York. This may take 1-2 years, depending on transfer credits, course load, and other factors. Students may have the option to conduct a lab rotation in Abu Dhabi during this phase.
J-Term and Summer Research in Abu Dhabi
Participating students may spend the January and summer terms Abu Dhabi, undertaking directed research or independent studies with their NYUAD faculty advisors.
Full-time Research in Abu Dhabi
Once all coursework and qualifying exams are completed, students pursue dissertation research under their advisors’ supervision in NYUAD’s brand new, custom-built facilities.
Dissertation Defense in New York or Abu Dhabi
Defense location will depend upon committee makeup and any departmental requirements.